What is Shambala?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
February 3, 2015
What is Shambala?

The meaning of the word "Shambhala" is not known to everyone. It is said that this is some mysterious place - a kind of mythical kingdom located in the mountains of Tibet. Many stories telling about what Shambhala is, say that the people of this country not only treated a variety of serious illnesses, but also knew a lot about science and knew everyone the secret of longevity.

The mysterious city of Shambhala and its inhabitants

Ancient texts such as the Kalachakra Tantra mention this country. Even if it exists, it can be located both in the mountains of Tibet and in the vicinity of Asia. Originally, the concept of Shambhala was part of Hinduism. She was written about in various ancient works. It is said that if this country exists, only those who have a pure heart, soul and thoughts can get there.

This mysterious place has been known for centuries. Even Alexander of Macedon tried to find him, but his efforts were in vain. Many rulers wanted to find this kingdom because they thought that with such a discovery they would have access to knowledge about all the sciences of the world, about spirituality and the universe,and also believed that such a person would have supernatural powers.

In addition, Shambhala is also the name of special bracelets that Tibetan monks weave. It is believed that they inherited this ability from the ancient inhabitants of the kingdom. Such a bracelet gives supernatural abilities. Some believe that it can bring good luck, protect against the evil eye and damage and give success.

Such jewelry is, indeed, very beautiful and attractive, because it is made from natural materials (glass, stones, leather) according to the old technology.

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