What is mountain?

Anna Piskunova
Anna Piskunova
April 10, 2015
What is mountain?

Mining (or furnace) - the simplest metallurgical furnace, blacksmith's forge. Now this word is already obsolete. It is with such a note that it is given in the New Dictionary of the Russian Language by T. F. Efremova. Today, part of the word mining is more used with the emphasis on the first syllable (mining, mining, ski resort.). What is mining in this case?

Mountain - the first part of complex words with the value of the relationship to the mountains, mining, alpine skiing.

The main purpose of mining is the development and use of natural resources of the Earth. Among these may be:

  • prospecting and mining (for example, the mining industry);
  • research (for example, the mining and exploration agency).

The second group of meanings rather indicates belonging to mountains or mountains as geographical objects. For example, mountain or mountain-valley.

But in the third group of meanings related to mountain sports, perhaps the most popular word is “alpine skier”.

In addition, we can meet the word "mountain" as an independent word, now almost not used, because It is an abbreviation of Soviet reality. What does it mean? “Gorno” in this case is the organization of proletarian writers in Western Ukraine, which appeared in 1929, the main idea of ​​which was the propaganda of the socialist revolution and the struggle against the bourgeois class.

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