What is useful miswak?

If you want to maintain healthy teeth and prefer natural remedies, try using miswak. But first find out what it is.

What is it?

What is miswak? This is a natural stick, designed to clean the teeth and obtained from a branch or root process of Salvador Persian, that is, a tree called arak. When it is chewed, the structure is divided into separate dense fibers resembling the bristles of a conventional toothbrush. Another popular name is Sivak.

Miswak is actively used to maintain the hygiene of the mouth and teeth from the earliest times, and today it is especially popular in Islamic countries, and its use is considered Sunna, that is, a desirable action for all Muslims. Also Sivak is popular among adherents of healthy food, vegetarians, raw food.


The composition of the branches of Arak includes a lot of various valuable components: tannins, essential oils, resins, saponins, alkaloids, styrene, flavonoids, organic acids, mineral salts, fluorine, sulfur derivatives, soda bicarbonate, cellulose, vitamin C, silicon dioxide.

What is useful miswak? Consider its basic properties:

  • Silicon compounds provide a pronounced whitening effect and the elimination of stains on the enamel.
  • The microflora of the oral cavity is normalized: bacteria and fungi are destroyed, and beneficial microorganisms, on the contrary, actively proliferate, providing natural protection to mucous membranes. Thus, the risk of caries is reduced.
  • Misvak has anti-inflammatory properties, helping to alleviate the condition and accelerate recovery from such diseases of the gums and oral cavity as gingivitis, stomatitis, periodontitis. And in the eastern countries, sticks are given to children from the age of four months with teething to remove unpleasant sensations and to remove puffiness.
  • It is believed that the use of miswak affects biologically active points responsible for the functioning of the sensory organs (ears, eyes, tongue, nose), spinal nerves and important systems of the human body.
  • Strengthening the gums, restoring the structure and increasing the density of tooth enamel.
  • Normalization of salivation processes.
  • Improvement of the digestive processes, both beginning in the mouth during the interaction of chewed food with saliva, and proceeding in the stomach.
  • The destruction of the resulting calculus and plaque.
  • Refreshing breath, providing a pleasant aftertaste in the mouth after using a miswak.
  • A beneficial effect on the vocal cords.
  • Increasing the overall tone of the person, strengthening the immune system by reducing the likelihood of the spread of pathogenic microorganisms from the oral cavity through the pharynx, respiratory organs (most bacteria, viruses and fungi penetrate the human body through the mouth).

Can everyone use miswak?

A feature of Miswak is that there are no contraindications. This natural toothbrush can be used from early childhood (of course, under the supervision of adults), as well as during breastfeeding and lactation periods. Sivak almost does not cause side effects, but still allergic reactions and individual hypersensitivity to the components of the composition.

Mode of application

Not very old sticks with a diameter of not more than 10 millimeters (more thanthick and hard have increased stiffness). First, thoroughly wash the miswak in running warm water. Next, you need to remove the bark from one edge, freeing a section about 1-1.5 cm long. Then, actively chew the stick until it splits into fibers and resembles a brush. Now you can start brushing your teeth, gums and tongue, moving the natural bristles of the sivac over the surface.

It is advisable to cut the bristles after each use, but you can rinse it thoroughly with water and use it two or three times. After cutting, clean the centimeter area of ​​the sticks again and chew it. One miswak is enough for about a week of regular use twice a day.

Important: if the tooth enamel is thinned or damaged, but do not apply excessive pressure to the sieve.

Storage features

To preserve all the properties of the miswak, store it in a cool place in a separate individual package, for example, by placing it in a container and putting it in a refrigerator or putting it on a window sill during the winter season. In such conditions, Sivak will be stored for two to three months. In the closed package it can be for a year.

If you care about your teeth, try using a natural myswak brush to maintain their hygiene. And now you know all its useful properties.

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