What is made of whiskey?

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What is made of whiskey?

Whiskey - a noble alcoholic drink, known throughout the world. Its production technology is durable and labor intensive. About her in detail in our article - How to make whiskey. However, before you start the production process of such a drink, you need to find the right ingredients for it.

What is made of whiskey

The main basis of whiskey is alcohol. In order to make it used exclusively cereals. They must necessarily have high quality. Therefore, the selection of such ingredients occurs manually, which allows you to get an excellent wort, and in the future truly high-quality and aromatic alcohol.

For example, rye, barley and wheat are used to make American whiskey. Canadian drink is also made on the basis of rye and barley, but with the addition of corn. Irish and Scotch whiskey is made exclusively from barley. Only some varieties of this drink include the use of other cereals.

The next component of whiskey is water.It is designed to provide the drink a variety of shades in taste. So, the soft water that leaves their soil and flows along granite gives the drink a lighter taste. Manufacturers also use hard water, the fence of which occurs directly from springs or other clean sources. It gives the whiskey an original spicy taste.

It is on the basis of water and grain crops, which are selected in a certain proportion, that whiskey producers manage to get an amazing alcoholic drink. With strict adherence to technology, it often surpasses the popular scotch tape.

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