What is infiltration?

March 30, 2015
What is infiltration?

Infiltration is the infiltration or impregnation of a tissue with another substance that enters an uncharacteristic environment.

Considering in detail what infiltration is, it should be noted that this term can be found in various fields and sciences.

Use of the term

  • In hydrogeology, infiltration is understood to mean seepage into the soil of water from the surface of the earth or the atmosphere;
  • in medicine, the accumulation of particles in living tissues that are not their usual constituents;
  • in tactics, a method of attack that is based on the use of light infantry, which does not engage in battle with the main forces of the enemy;
  • in military practice - the secret penetration of people on a secret object.

Infiltration in medicine

In medicine, the following types of infiltration:

  • Post-injection, which appears when non-compliance with the rules of injection;
  • inflammatory, occurring in the presence of a focus of inflammation and indicating problems with the immune system or the presence of allergies;
  • lymphoid implies the content of lymphocytes in the infiltrate - a modified tissue;
  • postoperative is expressed as seals that appeared after surgical interventions;
  • pulmonary - inflammation or suppuration of the lung;
  • tumor, in which the infiltrated cells are altered cells that have an increased size and differ in their color from healthy ones.

The main sign of infiltration is a rise in temperature. Tightening or swelling of tissues is also quite noticeable.

Now you know what infiltration is and how dangerous it is.

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