What is illegal business activity?

What is illegal business activity?

What is illegal business activity?

Almost all of us at least sometimes encounter the fact that it is simply necessary to conclude a particular transaction. If we talk about a few single and not very frequent transactions, then such are not interesting to any official bodies. And when it comes to transactions that are carried out on a completely permanent basis, and even imply obtaining permanent income, sooner or later the tax inspectorate will be interested in this fact.



For example, a person who acquires a land plot, and then selling it for an increased cost, although at the same time will receive income, but since this is a single transaction that is carried out by an individual, it will not be an enterprise. If a person constantly performs this kind of activity (this not only can relate to land plots, but also other property), then that person is already an entrepreneur.In order for such activities to be carried out in accordance with the law, it is absolutely necessary to register their activities and obtain all necessary licenses and permits. Otherwise, a person may be considered a completely illegal entrepreneur.



Often, illegal entrepreneurs are not specifically in a hurry to register their activities, for which they have hardly found the initial capital in order not to pay taxes, and sometimes they operate without registration simply through ignorance. The activity of the entrepreneur implies a very wide list of actions that he carries out - from the sale of souvenirs to educational or consulting services.



A number of entrepreneurs do not consider themselves as such, since they call themselves freelancers. Such people usually carry out one-time orders, for which they receive remuneration (of course, these amounts are not declared anywhere else) in a cashless manner, in the form of electronic money, or simply in cash. If this kind of work is truly episodic, and the reward for accomplishment is really small, then there is absolutely nothing terrible about it. Frequently, freelancers work quite officially - on the basis of the so-called contract agreement,in such cases, they must declare their incomes and pay the necessary taxes on them.




What is illegal business activity?

What is illegal business activity?





If anyone decides to sell a certain amount of old (or simply already unnecessary) items or for a payment to dig up a kitchen garden for a neighbor - it is also quite legal, and of course, there is no need to register such kind of activity anywhere.



The business category in our country is so extensive that it can easily be attributed to the granny who sells her greens on the market, and also to some person who rents the floor of the city. Entrepreneurial activity is made out in the same way, and it does not depend on the chosen direction, as well as the amount of income. In this connection, small businessmen do not aspire to register at all in order to earn at least a little, and continue their illegal activities practically at their own peril and risk so that after paying taxes they don’t go into negative.



In the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the value of entrepreneurial activity is defined as an individual activity of individuals, aimed at receiving income from this activity, and carried out at their own peril and risk.In addition, the entrepreneur must register their activities, and with it, in accordance with all the requirements of current legislation.



The main difference between entrepreneurship and freelancing is systematic income generation. The main purpose of business is to continuously generate income. Notice, not in the sum of the incomes themselves, but in their regularity. A person who has sold his house and received a very large amount of money at the same time will not be considered an entrepreneur, since he received income only once. At the same time, an old woman who sells greens on the market is an entrepreneur (regardless of the fact that she gets a penny for it), since she receives a small but regular income.



If there is a fact of entrepreneurial activity, and the man himself as an entrepreneur has not registered as expected, he is a violator of the law and can be held accountable, even criminal.



There are three types of illegal business activities: activities with a violation of licensing, activities without a license, and the lack of state registration in full.And if a person is registered properly, but he does not have the license necessary for this type of work, he is also considered to be working in violation of the laws. Sometimes a person can perform several different types of work, and all of them must be licensed separately.



Illegal entrepreneurs can be fully brought to justice even in cases where as a result of the activities of the state, as well as third parties have suffered significant damage, and also in cases where the entrepreneur received income from their illegal business activities, the amount exceeding 250 thousand rubles. But if none of the above conditions occurred, then the offender can simply be fined. Moreover, the size of this fine can be up to 300 thousand rubles, or be replaced by forced labor of public order or arrests, up to six months.



If it is fully proved that a whole group has committed a crime, or it turns out that the amount of income received will exceed one million rubles, then the fine can reach half a million rubles and imprisonment for up to three years, or a fine of 80 thousand imprisonment for up to five years.



Therefore, if someone decides to sell his house or car, he should not worry if he gets a fairly large income from this transaction. But the one who decided to make money on sales on a regular basis, it will be better if he draw up all the documents in accordance with the laws, if he wants to avoid being accused of illegal business.

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