What is dangerous drinking diet for your body?

Sometimes the desire to lose those extra pounds is so strong that women resort to drastic measures and refuse to eat at all. They are experiencing all kinds of diets, which, unfortunately, do not always bring the desired result. In addition, they can have a bad effect on the state of health, and in some cases even require treatment in a hospital. One of these extreme types of weight loss is drinking diet.

What is the point?

Most strict nutrition systems for weight loss imply a temporary restriction on food with the possibility of maintaining a small amount of approved foods in the diet. Drinking a diet allows its followers only to drink - water, decoctions, juices, tea, coffee, broths. Everything except carbonated drinks and alcohol.

The authors argue that in this way the body quickly cleared of toxins, toxins, and internal organs will work better. It is necessary to observe such a mode of “nutrition” for exactly 30 days.This is the time, according to some nutritionists, the body needs to be completely cleansed. Mandatory for compliance condition - the use of one and a half to two liters of pure water per day, all other fluids can be taken in any order and quantity.

The promised results will have to amaze you - improving well-being at the initial stage and getting rid of harmful accumulations even at the cellular level, as well as cleansing all hollow organs. For a month, supporters of the diet promise a loss of 10-15 kg of excess weight.

What do doctors say?

Doctors unanimously argue that drinking diet adversely affects the human body. Despite the fact that the extra pounds really go away, the consequences may not be the most pleasant. If you decide to arrange 2-3 such unloading days, this will really be useful, but a whole month spent on one liquid alone can end with the launch of irreversible processes, among them the destruction of cells and the rejection of useful substances by the body.

Those who are well acquainted with the basics of anatomy know that hollow organs, such as the bladder and gall bladder, themselves have a self-cleaning function, and their direct purpose is precisely the removal of unnecessary substances from the body.Therefore, the promises of their complete purification - pure water false.

Another major drawback lies in the fact that the rest of the organs, passing only liquid through themselves, lose protein in the process, which is their main structural material. Thus, the liver and kidneys succumb to gradual atrophy and cease to produce the necessary amount of enzymes necessary for digestion. Failure to receive protein entails a decrease in immunity, hormonal disorders, and hence the menstrual cycle in women, toxicosis and intestinal problems.

In addition to purely physiological problems, a person has a constant feeling of hunger, which is difficult to reduce with the help of fluid. Thoughts of stopping the diet are constantly spinning in my head, and there is a risk of breakdown, after which, as a rule, women eat large amounts of solid food at one time, and subsequently suffer from digestive disorders.

But if, despite all the contraindications, you decided to try the express weight loss method on yourself, remember that you cannot sit on such a diet more than once a year. And for those who have diseases of the kidneys, liver or gastrointestinal tract, it is better to refuse such experiments altogether.

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