What is collagen, how to replenish its reserves


What is collagen

Collagen refers to the structural proteins of the skin. It enters the collagen-elastin complex and is produced by fibroblasts - special cells of the dermis. Due to the collagen, the skin tone is maintained, it does not allow to swell the facial contours and protects against the appearance of wrinkles. If collagen was produced continuously, it would be possible not to worry about the beauty and youth, but over time its amount in the body decreases.

Which leads to the loss of collagen

Some factors can trigger a decrease in collagen production in the body:

- stress;

- improper skin care;

- smoking;

- sunbathing in large quantities and a visit to the solarium;

- hormonal disorders and menopause (estrogen affects the production of collagen, and its amount during menopause is significantly reduced).

These factors reduce the synthesis of collagen, which leads to the appearance of wrinkles, deterioration of the skin, hair and nails.

Collagen cosmetics and proper nutrition

Maintain youthful skin and fight aging with cosmetics and proper nutrition.

In cosmetics, collagen is of three types:

- vegetable - algae hydrolysates;

- marine collagen - from cartilage and skin of marine fish;

- animal - from the cartilage tissue of cattle.

Animal collagen can provoke allergic reactions, so today it is almost never used in cosmetics. Best of all proven marine and vegetable collagen.

Cosmetics can work wonders, but you can not refuse from proper nutrition. Collagen is a protein, therefore in the diet should be foods with amino acids, accelerating its synthesis. It:

- Bean and buckwheat porridge;

- blueberries, cherries, bananas, peaches;

- soybean;

- Red pepper.

Be sure to eat foods rich in vitamin C.

In addition, you need to walk a lot, sleep 8 hours a day (at a minimum) and play sports!

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