What is bokeh?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
January 25, 2015
What is bokeh?

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What is bokeh?

Bokeh is a term describing the subjective artistic merit of a part of a picture that was not in focus on a photograph. This is a fairly new term for the Russian language, it came from Japanese in the late 90s of the last century, and in translation means "fuzziness, fuzziness".

In this article we will describe in more detail what bokeh is.

Bokeh with camera

Many photographers today deliberately perform bokeh, blurring the background and wantingbokehas much as possible to highlight the main subject. Different lenses and shooting conditions allow you to make bokeh of a different nature, but there are no rules here - bokeh quality is a very subjective indicator.

Bokeh with graphic editor

Bokeh can be done on the finished image, today many graphic editors have a bokeh effect in the list of tools. Of course, the artificial bokeh will differ from the present, and if you want to achieve the most believable results, you should use the program Photoshop.

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