What is a plus?

May 9, 2015
What is a plus?

The very first book in which the plus symbol was used is considered a commercial treatise developed by Johann Widman. In this work, the symbol was used as a sign of increasing. Already in the sixteenth century, plus is found in the books of Viet and other mathematicians. The creator of an algebraic language of symbols often used a plus to denote a basic action — addition. Let us consider in more detail what is a plus.

Meaning of the word

Plus is:

  • comparative;
  • graphic symbol that denotes the operation of addition;
  • positive number symbol;
  • a sign indicating a school mark increase;
  • the sign used to indicate temperature;
  • positive side or dignity;
  • benefit or advantage.

Use of the plus sign

The plus sign, which is placed between the values, indicates the need for their addition. Recorded before the value, he speaks of its positivity.

Examples of this word are colloquially:

  • one plus five will be six;
  • in the shadow today was plus 15 degrees;
  • low price plus high quality - the optimal offer of the supplier;
  • in this situation, many of its advantages;
  • This girl is beautiful, plus a clever one;
  • we remain only in the black at the conclusion of this contract.

Now you know what a plus is and you can correctly use this word in everyday speech.

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