What is a league?

December 19, 2014
What is a league?

The term "League" today has several meanings that are not known to everyone. Sometimes, in a conversation, the term may be mentioned in one interpretation or another, and the person will not understand what is being said. Therefore, we consider in more detail what a "League" is.

League: examples of the use of the word

League as a connecting term

In many cases, the term “League” has the meaning “to bind, unite” translated from Latin or French. In this context, the league can be used as a designation of corporations, states, nations, religious organizations, etc. For example, in the comics there is such an association of superheroes, as the “Justice League”.

League in geography

In geography, the term occurs several times.

  • First, it is a measure of length, which is equal to 4828 meters. This unit of length originated in the UK, and then migrated to the United States;
  • Secondly, the term may mean a settlement in Mordovia (Russia) or the former name of the Dudergofka River in the Leningrad Region;
  • Thirdly, the term refers to the name of the tributary of the Ustya River in the Yaroslavl Region (Russia).

But these terms are very rare and only in places of occurrence.

In music

In music, the term is a symbol that combines two or more notes. This designation appeared quite recently and is a modern symbol when recording musical notes.

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