What food is life threatening

Top five

Physicians and nutritionists called chips and carbonated lemonade the most harmful foods. The reason for assigning the palm of superiority is the presence of a concentrated mixture of fats, carbohydrates, as well as dyes and flavor enhancers in the first and an explosive mixture of sugar and gas in the second. And it’s wrong to think that if you eat only one bag of lemonade chips a day, you will lose weight. No, only spoil the stomach and get better.
In the second place of this rating is fast food, which is widespread in the modern world, as it is usually strong meat fried in butter, poultry or flat cake. They usually also have a high content of carcinogens interspersed with chemistry.
The third is the sausage beloved by Russians, meat products and various smoked meats. Dumplings and purchased minced meat can be attributed to the same rating item due to the high content of thickeners, emulsifiers and stabilizers.
In fourth place - sweets, cakes and buns, often made on margarine.
Fifth place TOP-10 for canned products, as manufacturers usually generously sprinkle them with salt, vinegar and the same chemistry, which does not allow the product to spoil for a long time.

From 6 to 10 place by harm

In sixth place, nutritionists have placed coffee, drinks with its high content and various energy sources. It’s not even worth talking about the harm that they can cause in combination with alcohol in trendy cocktails, but even without it, these drinks are a great danger to human health, as they can significantly increase the acidity in the stomach.
On the seventh, the specialists placed chewy candies, chupa-chups and “useful” chewing gums for teeth.
Mayonnaise and ketchup, which are located in refrigerators of a large number of Russians, occupy the eighth place, as they again include trans fats, harmful acids, additives and carcinogens, and not very useful vinegar, sometimes in very large quantities.
In ninth place, experts put shop milk and yoghurts, in which the beneficial bacteria are very close to zero.
Well, on the tenth, oddly enough, store vegetables and fruits, which modern retailers are trying to buy on the cheap and from not very bona fide producers. Usually, in their cultivation, benzopyrene is used, which provokes the formation of cancer.

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