What is the dream of the former?

Ekaterina Chabanyuk
Ekaterina Chabanyuk
August 7, 2012
What is the dream of the former?

Why, and most importantly, what does the former dream of, if you have long parted and are trying to forget it (or have already forgotten it)? Does that mean he thinks about you? Let's try to figure it out together.

What is the dream of a former guy

To dream of the former is quite natural. After all, he occupied a lot of space in your heart and could not immediately and completely disappear from it. You subconsciously think about it, and these thoughts are reflected in your dreams.

If you dream of a former boyfriend and he is silent - it means that this is nothing more than your memories of him. If he talks to you, smiles and asks questions - it is quite possible that he did not forget you, and the reason for such dreams is not only in your thoughts, but also in his thoughts about your past relationships.

If such dreams are repeated with enviable regularity, it may be worth trying to revive the relationship and return the former.

If you dream of a former, but in a dream you do not experience any emotions - congratulations, you were able to survive the separation and began a new life. In this case, sleep should not be given any importance.

What dreams ex-husband

If you dream of a former husband, with whom you find out the relationship and quarrel - this means that your relationship is not set point. Perhaps you should meet with him again and talk about everything, deal with mutual complaints. Tell your ex-husband everything that you think, everything that has boiled, otherwise you will continue to do this in dreams.

If you want your ex-husband to stop dreaming, you must try to forgive him. Perhaps your dreams are a sign that he needs your forgiveness. Talk to him, live or mentally, tell me that you no longer hold evil against him, and that you let him go with the world. After that, dreams about him will pass, and you will feel much freer.

If you dream of having sex with your ex-husband, you should not regard this as a sign that the relationship can be returned. It just means that you have a need for sex, and you need a new love with a decent man.

In any case, you should not think too much about the question of what the former dream about. Forget the past, look to the future with faith and optimism, be prepared to love and be loved, and everything will be fine with you.

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