What dreams of grain?

February 19, 2015
What dreams of grain?

As you know, dreams can have different interpretations. And the things that we see in them often mean something quite different from what may appear at first glance. An example of this is the dream of grain.

In this article we will look at what the dream of the seed is and how to interpret this dream.

How to interpret a dream?

What dreams of grain for a woman, consider next.

  • Usually, a grain for a woman means nothing more than the birth of life. According to the universal dream book, a grain can mean the birth of a child or the attainment of happiness;
  • if a woman sees in a dream that she is eating grain, then this indicates the need to strengthen her health;
  • if she sows grain, then good changes will soon begin in her life. Perhaps she will become a mother or find a good husband;
  • however, if the grain is spoiled, then this is a sure sign of bad weather;
  • germinated grain symbolizes well-being in family life.

Now let's talk about what dreams of grain for a man.

  • If a man saw the grain in a dream, then he may soon become a father. So says the dream book "From A to Z."The ABC of the interpretation of dreams also explains such a dream as the need to establish a personal life;
  • there is grain in a dream for a man - to the maturing, the accomplishment of new discoveries;
  • if a man saw a woman who sows grain, then he will soon marry;
  • if he dreams that someone is stealing grain - a dream of deceit and failure;
  • As for the cases of any work with grain (grinding, grinding) - this is a symbol of hard work, which will soon overtake a man. But the result of this work will be great wealth and well-being in life. The same applies to sleep, in which a man bakes bread. After all, bread was always given to a person with difficulty, but was a symbol of wealth.

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