What dreams of frozen fish?

Olga Kravchenko
Olga Kravchenko
February 27, 2015
What dreams of frozen fish?

Most of our dreams are not accidental - they reflect our state or hint at the events of the future. What dreams of frozen fish?

Seeing frozen fish for business people means having a case that you put off, but you need to finish it as soon as possible. Thawing fish in a dream - to the soon successful resolution of their problems.

The fish in your fridge promises generous gifts of fate. Fish on the table - to the news, and on the plate or in the basin - to small surprises.

For a girl, buying frozen fish is interpreted as deliberately inhibiting romantic relationships with a loved one.

The size of the fish also matters. A large frozen fish - to large pleasures, small nondescript fish promises disappointment and grief.

If you dreamed of a fish with a human face, which in itself is already scary, it foreshadows large-scale cataclysms, unpleasant weather changes. Need to be careful.Eating frozen fish means getting an unpleasant message soon.

How to interpret a dream in which you are stroking and hugging frozen fish? Unfortunately, such a strange dream foreshadows a protracted illness.

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