What dreams of a monkey?

August 3, 2012
What dreams of a monkey?

The symbolism of the monkey is very controversial. An ugly cheat with characteristic shamelessness or a clever and intelligent heroine capable of various forms of behavior? How to understand dreams with this ambiguous symbol?

A monkey is dreaming: why or what

  • Renders a dreaming monkey may indicate the need to allow yourself some liberties: fool around, play. Do not be overly serious!
  • Or maybe you dream of a monkey, because you imitate someone? Perhaps this is a sign - extract only benefits, but do not forget to go back to yourself. Do not be ape, become yourself.
  • A monkey in a cage can dream of having time for your favorite business.
  • Jumping and climbing monkeys in a dream can mean that you will have to deal with not very smart people in reality.
  • Flattery on the part of others - as a variant of the interpretation of sleep with a monkey.

In general, interpretations are as different as the monkey’s symbolism itself. It is difficult to say for sure what the monkey dreams about.

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