Why dream of a bat?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
February 26, 2015
Why dream of a bat?

The bat - an animal for the majority is not very pleasant, to meet him in reality is, of course, scary. What about dreams? Do dreams in which we see a bat carry an extremely negative value?

Let's figure out what the bat dreams about.

Dream Miller

Unfortunately, Miller’s dream book confirms our theory - a dream in which you saw a bat does not bode well - it is a sign of sorrow, misfortune and disaster. This is not about ordinary troubles, here is a much more serious matter, you can face a serious injury, loss of a loved one or something else tragic.

White bat dreams to death. However, in the dream book, it is noted that such a dream is a warning, you can still change your destiny if you are careful and cautious.

Dream for the whole family

This dream book also does not promise anything good, but it is not as categorical as the previous one.

If in a dream you were attacked by bats - you will find a lot of trouble in reality, however, most likely, you will cope with them.If the bat dreamed you from Monday to Tuesday, the failures will take you by surprise.

French dream book

A French dream book says that in general a dream in which a bat appears is a sign of sorrow and suffering, and unknown people will be the source of suffering. However, if a man dreams that he marries a bat, he will be married to a beautiful woman.

Mythological dream book

This dream book says that a bat is a symbol of something negative - danger, misfortune, illness, death. If you dreamed of a bat, try to be very careful in all matters in reality.

As you can see, a collision with a bat in a dream, as in life, does not lead to anything good.

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