What dream stairs

A ladder in a dream usually means life movement, descents and ascents, aspirations and results.

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Staircase in a dream
Staircase in a dream

Dream meridian

What dream stairs? Up the stairs is the path to success. Moving up the stairs also means sexual aspirations. Pay more attention to your partner.

Esoteric dream book

This dream book treats the ladder as a way of life. What dreams up the stairs? Movement up along it is the desire to achieve goals, fulfill plans, and well-being.

If the movement is downward, the position may deteriorate. At the same time you need to know that the lower, the more dangerous. Broken ladder involves all sorts of obstacles that will be overcome if in a dream you go around them.

Steep stairs predict complexity. Flat stairs - everything will be possible, you just need to wait for the right moment.

Dream Esoterica Tsvetkova

To see in the dream a staircase upwards is a movement through life to success. Go down - expect failure. Broken ladder means the presence of enemies, potential enemies.

Dream Book of the Wanderer (Terentiya Smirnova)

Stairs dream for service advance, ascent or descent. The dreamed steps mean opportunities along the way. A very steep staircase indicates that relief will come soon. To the near success of a stepladder dream.

Modern dream book

Moving upwards means moving towards happiness. Failures in the personal life or the commercial sphere will follow if you have descended the stairs.

I dreamed that they fell down the stairs - towards hatred and envy directed at you. Sit on the steps - moving towards happiness, but gradually.

East Dream

We saw someone on the stairs - wait for unpleasant changes. Fall from the stairs can be seen to the fact that someone had unkind thoughts in relation to your person. Having seen a shaky ladder, it is necessary to be careful in the office relations.

Dream Dream Thelomena

Iron Ladder - awaits a difficult path to success. Wooden - the forerunner of a bright period in destiny, finances or career.

Rope - do not give up before difficulties and you will be rewarded. Run up the stairs, so do not want to notice the existing problems.They should be decided so that luck does not leave.

Expects career growth, the implementation of long-standing plans, if you dreamed that washing the stairs. In general, this is good.

The dream of a modern woman

What dreams up the stairs? Take a higher position in business circles. To escape from confinement with the help of a ladder - you can risk, success is ensured. Failure in any endeavors awaits, if a broken ladder dreams.

I had to raise the ladder - the harbinger of happiness, success and prosperity. The path to the goal will be difficult if you dream of a spiral staircase.

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