What does it mean to see in a dream a lot of big ants

Ants are deservedly considered the most industrious animals. They foreshadow all that is connected with the work of a person, his relations with employees.

American dream book

To dream of an ant - take part in public affairs, and your work will be productive.

English dream book

Ants symbolizes work, vanity. For those who saw in a dream the ant-bustling - to a quick move to a more lively place, the city. Also, such a dream suggests that you fall into a large family.

If the one who has dreamed with ants is distinguished by perseverance and hard work, then he will be able to put together financial well-being and his life will be secured. If a dream was not a special diligent person, then his life will be spent in poverty. For merchants to see ants in a dream - to profits, good deals, for lovers a dream means a quick marriage, a happy family life and many children.

Dream Aesop

In Aesop's dream book, it vividly describes what big ants dream about.They symbolize a workaholic, perhaps you are the very hardworking hard worker. Since ancient times, an ant has been considered to be a worker and, until now, it has been associated with movement, work, to see ants in a dream � an encounter with good and diligent people. Your new acquaintances will be gentle and kind, honest and sincere.

You saw in a dream how an ant carries something in its anthill - be more thrifty, not wasteful. It is possible that in a short time the state of affairs will worsen and you will need accumulated savings. An ant crawling hand or foot symbolizes your frugality, which will be the key to security.

People's Dream Book

What dreams of ants crawling through the body? They symbolize your frugality, which will be the key to prosperity. Dreaming with ants hovering in their nest is a good sign. If you work honestly, your colleagues and bosses will treat you with great respect, you will deserve honor, will receive an increase, a bonus. You see the ant path - you have many faithful and loyal friends. You can be calm, you can rely on them in any situation.There is also an explanation - what ants are dreaming about in a house - it means that there will be wealth in it, which will go to hard work.

Ant bite - you will fail a close friend, colleagues. You see jam, in which the ants crawl - to achieve success you will have to put a lot of effort, bypass the many obstacles. A dream in which you have ravaged an ant swarm means that you are stuck in a dubious event, as a result of which you will be left with nothing. Be careful to say no to even a close friend offering you to enter the scam.

Family Dream

To dream of ants - you will work a lot, fuss. Also, sleep means the end of problems, the beginning of a good period in life. To see such a dream on Sunday night - you will begin to see clearly, rethink your past and start everything from scratch. On Friday, you have good health, and you can easily transfer all diseases without the help of doctors. The destruction of the anthill - unfortunately.

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