What does elegance in the 21st century mean?

In the fashion industry, everything is flowing and changing with amazing speed, and it seems that this concerns not only seasonal trends, but also “out-of-season” views. For example, today and 50 years ago the word "vulgar" certainly had and has completely different transcriptions. And will the same happen if we decide to interpret such a concept as fashionable that is often used by fashion magazines? We decided to reflect on this topic and find the elegance of a modern interpretation.

Elegance, as it once was in the past

The term “elegant” itself comes from the French word élégance, which means harmony and the presence of taste, not only in terms of things, but also in terms of character. Today, an elegant person can be called an ordinary modnik, and earlier in order to receive this compliment, it was necessary to demonstrate not only excellent taste, but also excellent manners, education and self-discipline.It was believed that elegance follows from within and derives from a person’s experience, and therefore, is inextricably linked with his reputation. Elegance connected the world of fashion and the world of human relations, where social position and approval of your personality by others was just as important a factor as the ability to choose a hat for gloves and a handbag for jewelry.

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