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What do you know about emergency contraception?What do you know about emergency contraception. Ask this question on the street to almost any woman, in response, she will shrug her shoulders and say: “Yes, almost everything I need, I know.” And what you need to know? Very often, knowledge is limited to the name of the drug and the time during which it must be taken - 72 hours after unprotected contact.
Therefore, only then, after the application, the questions begin. Moreover, these questions are not addressed to specialists, but to women in forums like themselves. And what kind of knowledge does a person have without special education? Only personal experience. If you read the reviews, it turns out that someone helped, someone did not, and someone had serious side effects. And the questions of everyone worry the same - “What is it worth waiting for now?”, “Maybe we can do ultrasound after all?”, “Tell me, does it really help or not?”, “What will be bad now?” (All questions are real, taken from one of the forums).
If these questions were asked before the time came to use the drug, how many nerves would it save girls and women.How much time it would save them on finding out the exciting nuances.
Let's check that you yourself know about emergency contraception? Do you know the differences between hormonal and non-hormonal agents? Can you tell exactly how the phase of the cycle affects the effectiveness of these tools? Do you know that the reliability of emergency contraception is directly dependent on the weight of a woman? Do you have information on how the effectiveness of emergency contraceptives decreases, depending on how much time has passed since the moment of unprotected contact?
If you know the answers to all these questions, you probably will not be mistaken with the choice and will not be nervous in an unexpected situation. If you doubt that you can answer all questions correctly, then you may first need to get full information that will help you to be calmer if something goes wrong.

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