What concrete is needed for a strip foundation

You will need
  • - concrete mixer
  • - sand
  • - cement
  • - gravel or crushed stone
  • - sieve
  • - water
The tape base is the most popular among other types of the bases. This is due to its efficiency and excellent bearing capacity. Tapes are of two types: monolithic and prefabricated. For the construction of the first concrete is required, for the second - the foundation blocks. Properly prepared solution is needed not only for monolithic bases, but also for prefabricated, as it is a binder in the laying of blocks. Therefore, the strength and durability of any strip foundations largely depends on the quality of the cement-sand mixture.
For the manufacture of concrete on their own will need concrete mixer. Without it, it will be difficult to recycle such a large volume of solution. The main ingredient of the cement-sand mixture should be cement brand M400 and above.Buying this material you need to make sure that its shelf life has not expired. All the strength characteristics of the foundation depend on the quality of this basic constituent of concrete.
According to GOST 10178-85, the shelf life of Portland cement and slag Portland cement, subject to the rules of its transportation and storage, is 45 days for fast-hardening compositions, 60 days for other types of cement, and when delivered in bulk - no more than 45 days. The buyer should be aware that during the month of storage the cement loses up to 10% of its activity. For this reason, after 6 months from the date of its manufacture, the M400 brand turns into the M300.
For the preparation of concrete on a monolithic strip foundation you will need sand and gravel (crushed stone). The first must be of medium grain size and mined in a career way. Before laying in the concrete mixer it is necessary to sift through a sieve (lattice) with a mesh of 5-10 mm. The aggregate of concrete is gravel or crushed stone. These stones should be of the middle fraction, that is, their maximum size can be 20/40 mm.
In order for the concrete for a strip foundation to conform to the M-200 (B15) grade that is most acceptable to it, you need to adhere to the following laying criterion: 2.8 kg of sand and 4.8 kg of gravel or crushed stone are required for 1 kg of cement.For the preparation of concrete M200 cement grade M500 will need to observe the following proportions: for 1 kg of cement you need to take 3.5 kg of sand and 5.6 kg of aggregate. It is according to these rules that the M-200 (B15) mortar is manufactured in the factory.
For an individual developer it is difficult to sustain the parameters corresponding to the production process. Therefore, when self-preparing concrete, experts recommend sticking to this rule: for 1 part of cement, you need to take 3 parts of sand. The amount of aggregate should not exceed 40% of the total volume of the mixture. Water is added to the concrete mixer gradually, to obtain a pasty consistency of the solution.

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