What can I talk to a girl on the phone?

Having got the coveted phone number from the girl you like, many young guys find it difficult to decide on the first call, since they do not know how to start a conversation and what can you talk about with a still little known person?

In order for the acquaintance to grow into a date and, possibly, into some kind of long-term relationship, it is very important to make a good impression on the girl during the first call. Therefore, each guy needs to know certain rules that should be followed during a telephone conversation with a girl.

1. The right attitude

Before dialing the phone number of the girl you like, you need to calm down and relax, as your stiffness can manifest itself in the form of a voice shake, and your companion will immediately feel it.

The ladies like more determined and self-confident guys, for whom the stiffness in the voice is not typical.Therefore, you need to relax and tune in to the pleasure of communication. All the same, there is nowhere to retreat, because you have already called.

The undeniable advantage of a telephone conversation is that your interlocutor does not see you, and your appearance at the moment does not matter, which can add to your confidence. In addition, you can pre-write on the leaflet topics for conversation, which can be used if you suddenly because of the excitement all thoughts disappeared somewhere.

But this form of communication has its drawbacks. You will not be able to see the reaction of the girl to your words, and even when talking face to face it is always easier to establish a trusting relationship.

2. Correct intonation and voice

Not only what you say, but how you say it plays a big role in shaping the first impression about you. First of all, you need to remember that when talking with a girl you can not use swear words. The voice should sound soft and quiet, but not too quiet, so that the girl would not have to listen to each word and ask again.

Shouting in the phone is also not worth it, otherwise the conversation will be short.If you mumble or mumble, then you need to work on improving your diction. You also need to pay attention to intonation. In order to make it more pleasant, imagine that the girl with whom you are talking on the phone is next to you, and flirting notes will immediately appear in your voice.

3. Rules of the first phone call

Many guys wonder - when is the best time to call a girl for the first time? This is best done a day after they meet. So, your new friend will not have time to forget you, and will not think that you are pursuing her. For a call, it's best to choose a time when no one will distract you for 10-15 minutes. Calling the girl, you must be sure to introduce yourself.

If she didn’t recognize you, then in a comic manner, you can ask if she gives many guys her phone number? Most likely, she will immediately recognize you. After that, ask if she can currently talk on the phone. If you hear a strange noise, ask when it will be free, and call back to her at the specified time.

In order to start a conversation somehow, you can first talk about what unites you with this girl, for example, to recall how you met her.You can also mention exactly what you liked in the girl when meeting, and how she attracted you. When talking, you should listen very carefully to the answers and express your emotions about this. It will be very good if you can successfully joke. After all, humor has a person to communicate.

Then you can ask if the girl has plans for a certain time. If she is free, invite her on a date. Only time and place must be appointed by yourself. You can think of several options, if for some reason the girl did not like your initial choice.

Do not rush to end the conversation, if your new friend, gave their consent. Talk to her for a few more minutes about her preferences. For example, if you go to a movie, find out which films she likes, if you are going to meet at a cafe, then ask what she likes-tea or coffee? At the end of the conversation, it is necessary to say a compliment to the girl, for example, “it was pleasant to talk with you”.

In case the girl refused, citing employment, ask when she will be free, and schedule a date at a time that is convenient for both of you.If you feel that your friend just does not want to meet with you, then do not rush to hang up. Describe to her what she will lose by refusing to meet you.

Variants of topics

After the first meeting with the girl has passed successfully and the continuation of relations is planned, the important question remains - what can you talk about with her on the phone?

The topics for conversation may be completely different, but it is important that they are interesting to both of you. In this case, be sure to carefully listen to what your interlocutor says.

So, here are a few options for telephone conversations:

  • Leisure. You can ask how the girl likes to spend their free time? Does she often go to the cinema or theater, and what does she prefer to watch? Does she attend fashion exhibitions, museums? Does she have a hobby? Does she go to clubs and restaurants, and which ones do she like best? Can you tell if she likes picnics and hiking? What kind of vacation does she prefer, and what countries would she like to visit? At the same time it is necessary not only to listen, but also to talk about your hobbies and preferences.
  • Art. If your friend is interested in this topic, and you are a connoisseur of painting, theater or music, then you can talk to her about the latest works of famous masters or about some musical novelties.Speaking of music, you can talk, even if you do not really understand it. Just ask what girl prefers to listen, and which artists and bands does she like best?
  • Cases from life. You probably have a couple of interesting and funny cases that happened to you or to your acquaintances or friends. So why not tell your new acquaintance about them? She probably also has some interesting life stories.
  • Dreams. Ask what your girlfriend is dreaming about? But do not forget to share your dreams.
  • Preferences. Find out what she likes the most and what annoys and irritates her? It will be useful to you.
  • Childhood and first love. If a girl trusts you enough, you can ask how her childhood went and when she met her first love.

There are also several topics that should be avoided when talking to a girl. These include:

  • Politics, religion and nationalism. These topics can cause heated debate, which can turn into a quarrel.
  • Sport. Few girls will like to hear about the victories of some kind of team, even if your favorite one.
  • Former girls.

The main thing when talking with a girl to talk about something interesting for both of you. If all the topics are exhausted, call her just to find out how she's doing? The girl would be pleased with such attention.

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