What are the types of rooms in hotels?

When we are going to have a rest or a trip, we will definitely search for a suitable hotel, each has its own search criteria, however, every self-respecting guest house necessarily has different types of rooms.

About how not to be deceived in the expectations and choose the option that suits you best in each individual case, we will tell in our article.

So, what are the most common types of rooms in modern hotels?


Perhaps the most common and constitute the bulk of the number of rooms, are standard single rooms or "standart / STD".

In fact, this is the most common option, which can consist of two single or one large double bed. Usually the area of ​​such a room is about 20 square meters, of course, along with a bathroom, which includes a toilet, a washbasin and a shower (less often a bathroom).

Depending on the level of the hotel, in a standard room there can be different furnishings of the room (presence or absence of equipment, luxury items).Again, in hotels 4 * or 5 * you can find slippers, bathrobes, soap accessories, coffee and tea accessories, as well as other amenities. In hotels 3 * you will most likely not find anything like this, although there are pleasant exceptions.

Standard improved

The next in terms of level and, perhaps, in popularity, is the improved standard room, which, first of all, differs from the above-described area (usually it is 6-8 square meters more). Often, this category has additional designations that characterize the picture that you will see every day from the window.

If you don’t really care, you shouldn’t bother, however, it’s probably more pleasant to look at the sea or at least at the patio than, for example, at the roadway. So, the main designations of species from the window:

  • Superior Sea / Lake / Ocean / Garden / Mountain - sea / lake / ocean / garden / mountain views.
  • Superior Pool - view of the pool.
  • Superior / main Building - a larger room in the main building.


One of the most luxurious and prestigious types of hotel rooms, usually in popularity among wealthy citizens. Foreign designation - Suite. The price of such a room is often 2, or even 3-4 times more than a standard room in the same hotel.

It should consist of two (living room + bedroom) or three (plus the study) rooms, has a luxurious finish and expensive furniture. The suites have a picturesque view from the window, can be equipped with an additional toilet, and also necessarily include a jacuzzi.

Inside these rooms you will always find fresh bathrobes and slippers, tea and coffee accessories, a filled mini-bar, a variety of bathrooms and perfumery accessories, as well as a host of additional free amenities.

Often these rooms are located on separate floors so that guests living in suites do not overlap with the other guests. There is one more branch - the junior suite, in fact, a transitional variant between the standard and the suite, or in Russian - a junior suite.

A room with a larger area than the standard one, but still not conforming in terms of decoration and size to the suite. Often chosen by couples who want the entire vacation to live in one place.

Family apartment

The next type in the generally accepted classification is family room. Most often, a single room is a fairly large area, in which it can be installed from 2 single to 4 beds in various combinations.

Designed to accommodate families up to 5 people.The furnishings and decoration are similar to the standard ones, and their cost is not much higher, however, such numbers are rare.

Honeymoon Room

Also found not in all hotels, but very appropriate for these newlyweds. Honeymoon room is different from the usual larger area, king-size large bed, as well as the special interior and the presence of a jacuzzi. By the arrival of the newlyweds, the rooms are often decorated with flowers, rose petals and various thematic installations.


Apartments or apartments is a small apartment, which can be located in a special apartment hotel, where each room has its own owner. Remind one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartments with their own kitchen or kitchenette. Payment is usually made for the entire room, regardless of the number of residents.

Bungalow or Villa

Bungalows - less popular type of rooms, which are sometimes referred to as villas in tourist brochures, are buildings that are built separately from the main hotel building. The ideal solution for couples or couples who want to retire on the shores of the warm sea.

With a great desire, you can not particularly intersect with the guests. Most often, the bungalows have several rooms, the kitchen may not be, but only on the condition that the food is provided somewhere on site. Payment, as in the case of apartments, goes for the entire villa completely, regardless of the number of guests.

Presidential Suite (Presidential Suite)

It is characterized by rich furnishings and luxurious decoration, most often consists of five or more rooms, which are distinguished by truly vast areas. Usually such rooms are 5 or even 10 times more expensive than standard ones, sometimes they can boast of having several floors. Even in the most respectable hotels there are not many such rooms, mostly one, rarely 2-3 pieces.

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