What are the shampoos

The cosmetics industry has literally flooded the market with all sorts of hair care products. In this variety, you can easily get lost and buy products from which your hair will not be delighted. To prevent this from happening and to help people understand the vast ocean of goods, cosmetologists have developed a guidebook - an approximate classification of shampoos.


Let's get acquainted with their groups and see what shampoos are.


Depending on the type of hair, all shampoos are divided into products for the care of oily, dry, normal, thin, damaged, dyed hair. And also there are ordinary, professional and medical.


Shampoo for normal hair contains the optimal amount of detergent components that are well cleaned and do not violate the process of natural secretion, since normal hair does not require special care.


Damaged hair wants to care for them more thoroughly, so shampoos for this type of hair should contain a mild washing base and moisturizing ingredients.Usually extracts of herbs, oils, keratin, silk proteins, provitamin B5, UV filters, etc. are used for this purpose. It is recommended to use shampoos with calcium content, which penetrates the hair structure and helps to restore it faster.


What are shampoos for oily hair and what they contain?


Oily hair is a fairly common problem these days, which causes a lot of inconvenience to millions of people. Increased performance of the sebaceous glands and makes hair greasy and untidy. Of course, hanging, dull and glued strands of hair can not look beautiful. Beauticians took care of such hair, and developed special shampoos for oily hair. The composition of such funds should include more detergent elements, since they are designed to cleanse the hair and scalp of excess fat. At the same time, it is not necessary to abuse these shampoos, since they dry the scalp quite strongly, and can cause itching and flaking.


For oily hair, it will be very useful to get acquainted with therapeutic shampoos, whose action is aimed at eliminating the cause of rapid hair contamination and regulating the activity of the sebaceous glands.


Let's continue our acquaintance with cosmetic products for hair care and consider what kind of shampoos are in addition to the above.


The classification of shampoos does not end with their division by type of hair. For the convenience of consumers, shampoos are produced separately for children, women and men. Women's and men's products differ only in smell and color, and children's - the presence of mild detergents and the absence of preservatives and dyes. Children's shampoo on a mandatory basis, if it is a quality shampoo, must be hypoallergenic and should not make young consumers cry.


Shampoos vary in consistency. Today, in addition to the usual liquid shampoos, manufacturers offer us jelly-like, dry and aerosol-based hair products.


The properties of all shampoos are also very diverse. Some shampoos are designed to restore and moisturize hair, others - give hair different shades and protect from exposure to sunlight.


Recently, women have increasingly begun to seek help from shampoos containing extracts of natural herbs, essential oils, and special perfume compositions.

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