What are promotional codes and what are they for?

If you like shopping, you probably prefer to save on shopping. So it's nice to get a good discount when purchasing goods and services! But how to make a bargain with discounts? One of the proven and effective ways to save money are promotional codes. And what is it that they give, where to look for them? Learn about everything!

What it is?

Generally, promotional codes appeared relatively recently. Just a couple of years ago nobody heard anything about them. But today this word is widely heard, and some actively use promotional codes.

Pure pleasure

In general, the promotional code is a combination of numbers and letters, a kind of password that will need to be communicated or entered upon purchase. A set of letters and numbers can be anything, and the length can be different. Most often, the promotional code will include from 4 to 8 characters, but there are exceptions. Often used Latin (English) letters, but it is quite possible to meet and Russian.

What does the promotional code give?

What are promotional codes for? The main purpose of using them is to get a discount.Using a combination of numbers and letters, you can make a very profitable purchase. Most often, such purchases are made in online stores. Although codes for discounts in regular stores can also be found, they exist.

What are promotional codes?

It's profitable

It would seem that all promotional codes help to make bargains. But such a benefit may be different. Here are possible savings with the help of promotional codes:

  1. Discount when buying goods or services. This may be a discount on clothes, shoes, beauty services or a medical center. In fact, with the help of the promotional code you can profitably purchase anything you want. The value of the discount may be different. It usually ranges from 5-10% to 30-40%. It is clear that the stores can not work at a loss, so it will hardly be possible to save more than 40% of the total purchase price.
  2. There is a more difficult savings option. In this case, a discount is granted under certain conditions, for example, after exceeding a certain purchase limit. It turns out that first you will need to make a purchase for a certain amount, and only then you can use the promotional code and get a discount.
  3. Promotional code for the gift amount.The amount is fixed and determined. When using this option, you will be able to pay part of the purchase (the value of this part is indicated in the nominal code) using a promotional code. But in this case, the seller can also set certain conditions, for example, indicate the minimum amount of purchase.
  4. Promo code for delivery. This is very important when shopping in online stores located in other cities or even countries. The amount of shipping when ordering a large number of goods can be quite impressive. And using the code will allow you to get the right to absolutely free shipping. And this is also a good savings.
  5. Promotional code for the right to receive a gift. This option is usually used shops of cosmetics, clothing, shoes or accessories. Do not rely on something large and expensive. But, for example, it is quite possible to get a small set of cosmetics or any accessory. In some cases, the receipt of such a gift is possible only if you make a purchase in the store.

Where to look?

Where can I get a promotional code? There are not so many options:

  • On the website of the online store, offering discounts.Be careful, because sometimes the codes are not visible immediately or are in hidden corners. To begin with, inspect all the banners and pop-up windows, on some resources the codes are “hidden” there. Then study all sections. Most often, promotional codes are in the sections "Promotions", "Discounts", "Bargains" and so on. But in some online stores there is a separate section “Promotional Codes”. Go to it and select the appropriate code. In addition, be sure to subscribe to the newsletter. Enter your email address. It will receive emails with information about promotions, discounts, sales and promotional codes.
  • On special sites. There are many resources on the Internet where you can find information about discounts. There are collected promotional codes of various stores, offering a variety of discounts. There are a great number of such sites today. To find them, enter the word "promotional codes" in the search box. Usually the largest resources are on the first page of search results. If you want to find a code for the purchase of certain products or in a particular store, be sure to check this in order for the search engine to provide resources that match your needs.By the way, if you plan to make a purchase in a foreign online store, then enter the phrase “promo code” or “discount code” in the query box.

How to use it?

Shopping is profitable

Now you know what promotional codes are. It's time to find out how such codes work. So, how to use a combination of numbers and letters to get a discount?

  1. You found a promotional code. Be sure to thoroughly review all the information about it. Pay particular attention to the terms of use, there may be some nuances. Remember that each code has a validity period, after which it will be impossible to get a discount.
  2. Now go to the website of the online store where you plan to make a purchase. Order a product and go to the checkout form. Fill in all required fields: name, address, contact details (phone number, email address, and so on).
  3. Find the box to enter the code. It may be called "code", "promotional code", "password to get a discount" and so on. Enter your promotional code in this field. Be careful when introducing. Remember that the set of numbers and letters must fully coincide with the original. Where you need to put the capital letter, put exactly this, not capital.
  4. Check carefully again.
  5. Is done. The amount of payment of the purchase will be recalculated with the discount.

Now you know where to look for promotional codes and how to use them. Do not miss the chance, get your discount. Make only bargains!

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