What are AHA-acids useful for us?

Often, when we see a beautiful girl, we are sincerely surprised that there is a minimum of makeup on her face, and the skin looks perfect. Is it possible without any cosmetic procedures? Of course, genetics is a great thing, but age and an aggressive environment do their work, dehydrating and making the skin of the face vulnerable.

That is why without the right care is not enough. Recently, we have increasingly begun to hear about the ANA-acids, which are so useful. Whether this is true, and how to use them correctly, you will learn further.

Natural substances for your skin

In any confusing situation with terms, take a dictionary. So we propose to begin to understand the concept of ANA-acids, and find out what it is.

Alpha hydro-acids, also called fruit, are natural substances that are synthesized and used to make various cosmetic products. Where are they kept? In sugar cane, wine, fruits and berries.

These substances are an innovation in the beauty industry.Their main feature is that they have not only superficial effects, but are able to act in the deeper layers of the dermis.

In fact, fruit acids have been known to mankind since ancient times. So the women of Ancient Rome and Egypt often used masks gruel from grapes, blueberries, adding lemon juice to the ingredients.

When the chemical industry learned to “extract” the ANA by artificial means, they were mainly used to treat dermatological problems. And over time, doctors noticed a cosmetic effect. Therefore, the products smoothly migrated into the hands of cosmetologists.

How do the AHA acids work?

  1. They are excellent exfoliants. They effectively soften and promote the removal of dead skin particles, thus activating the regeneration processes. After at least one session of peeling based on alpha-hydroacids, you will notice that the complexion has improved, and the surface of the skin has become smoother.
  2. Promote the production of elastin and collagen, responsible for elasticity and elasticity. Thanks to these substances can be actively fighting wrinkles.
  3. Regulate the production of subcutaneous fat.And this is great news for owners of oily skin and enlarged pores. Using cosmetics based on ANA-acids, you can also get rid of black spots, since the active substances actively “eat away” greasy plugs. And this is not only the path to a beautiful appearance, but also an undoubted help in detoxifying the body.

They also reduce the likelihood of scarring after acne.

  1. Have a rejuvenating effect. The frame of our face is largely formed by hyaluronic acid. With age, its reserves are rapidly decreasing, which means that the skin begins to sag, and wrinkles appear. Fruit acids have a stimulating effect on fibroblasts - connective tissue cells responsible for the production of collagen and elastin.
  1. Reduce the level of pigmentation. Due to active peeling, ANA facilitates penetration into the deep layers of bleaching preparations, greatly enhancing their impact.

"Pros and cons"

Like it or not, but the acid in any case aggressively affects the dermis. That is why opponents of such funds constantly emphasize the risks of burns and thinning of the skin.So what's more in the ANA - good or bad?

Let's start with the pluses. Among them:

  1. Getting rid of fine wrinkles, acne and post-acne and many other dermatological problems.
  2. Cosmetics based on alpha-hydroacids have no age limit, they can be used both in 30 years and in 50.
  3. Suitable for all skin types.
  4. Enhance the effect of other cosmetic products.
  5. When choosing the right concentration do not cause burns, do not leave scars, are not toxic.
  6. The visible result will appear after 4-5 procedures, but after the first time there will be a marked improvement.

What is the harm then?

Excessive acid concentration, as well as an incorrectly selected dose without regard to the type and characteristics of the skin, can really lead to burns and scarring.

Rules of application

In order for the product to benefit you, it is important to follow some recommendations. Therefore, remember how to properly use products containing fruit acids:

  1. Do not purchase professional tools. Of course, the effect of the cream, bought, for example, at the exhibition for professionals, will be more noticeable. But it is worth considering that the concentration of acid in such drugs can be too high for home use.Therefore, such products are the sole prerogative of cosmetologists, who can later dilute the drug or mix it with another, getting the right dosage.
  2. Do not use drugs with ANA after prolonged exposure to the sun.
  3. You should not use such products at a young age (up to 25 years). While the skin has the ability to regenerate itself, it is better not to stimulate this process further.

In addition to popular creams, tonics and peels, you can also find shower gels and even liquid soap containing ANA on the shelves. Thus, it is possible to influence not only the skin of the face, but also the body, and even the hands.

But, like any other, even biologically natural substance, fruit acids have their own contraindications, among them:

  • skin injuries;
  • subsequent prolonged exposure to the sun (increase sensitivity);
  • individual intolerance of the active ingredients.

When purchasing products with fruit acids, you should definitely pay attention to their concentration, and also not forget about an integrated approach to skin care. In reasonable quantities, they have a beneficial effect on her condition, giving a healthy look and radiance.

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