We wallow and watch: 7 of the coolest April TV shows

In April, we are waiting for the most ambitious premiere of spring - the series on the bestseller Neil Gaiman's “American Gods”. In addition, the series “Son” will be released with the brutal Pierce Brosnan, the project about Albert Einstein, the promising series “The Handmaid's Tale” about oppressed women from the alternative future and the third season of “Fargo”.


The first episode is released on April 5

The comedy series about baseball commentator Jim Brockmair, who, having learned about the numerous betrayals of his beloved wife, gave a tantrum in the live broadcast. The video was distributed over the Internet, and this was not only the end of his personal life, but also Jim's career. A few years later, the commentator starts all over again, from scratch: he gets a job as a commentator on games of a lower baseball league. Sports lead Jim Brockmair plays Hank Azaria, manager of the baseball team - Amanda Peet. The series shoots Tim Kirkby, behind whom the work with the projects "Vice-President", "Grace and Frankie", "Flibeg."

"A son"

The release of the first series - April 8

The screen version of the large-scale novel by Philip Meier about three generations of the American family. The main star of the series "Son" - bearded and brutal Pierce Brosnan, who played the head of a large Texas family, who created his fortune on oil. In other roles, Paola Nunez, Henry Garrett.

"White Princess"

The release of the first series - April 16

Costume mini-series for fans of the "White Queen", released in 2013. The White Princess script was also written by Emma Frost, and Jamie Payne became one of the directors.

In the center of events will be the daughter of the characters of the "White Queen": Elizabeth Woodville and Edward IV, - Elizabeth of York. All these series, as well as the film "Another of the Boleyn Rhode" are based on the historical novels of the writer Philip Gregory.


Start of the 3rd season - April 19

Continuation of the successful ironic series about ridiculous criminals from Minnesota. This time the action takes place in 2010. In the center of the plot are two brothers, like two drops of water similar to each other, but with different fates: Emmett is a successful parking king and the embodiment of the American dream, Ray is a fallen loser who looks after parole.Both are played by Ewan McGregor, in the first case ideally trimmed and curly, in the second - with patla and balding.


The release of the first series - April 25

Ten episodes from the life of Albert Einstein, in the role of the great physicist in his mature years - Jeffrey Rush, in his youth - Johnny Flynn. In his youth, the inventor of the theory of relativity could not get a job even as a school teacher. But even after the discovery of the theory of relativity, Einstein’s business was not always successful. "Genius" - about the ups and downs. The National Geographic channel project was directed by James Hawes, Minky Spiro and Ron Howard.

"The story of the maid"

The release of the first series - April 26

The series, based on the novel, the anti-utopia of the Canadian writer Margaret Atwood. The action takes place in a state formed on the site of the United States, where society is strictly divided into estates. The country is ruled by commanding men, military men and officials. Wives of commanders use all the benefits that their position gives, but they can not only become pregnant. This function is performed for them by ordinary women who have no rights. With the child whom they give birth to the officers, will have to leave forever.Elizabeth Moss plays one of the women whose function is to continue the genus of one of the commanders.

In 1999, "The Story of a Servant" was already filmed. The main role then played Natasha Richardson.

"American Gods"

The first episode is released on April 30

The ambitious eight-part project based on the novel by Neil Gaiman is one of the most long-awaited premieres in the spring of 2017.

The main character Shadow Moon, who left the prison prematurely, gets to the funeral: his wife Laura got into a car accident. The shadow, which has nothing to lose, is arranged by the bodyguard to the strange businessman who turns out to be the Scandinavian god Odin. Now the Shadows will have to take part in the union of the old gods, who have lost some of their power to resist modern technocratic deities.

The showrunners of the project were Brian Fuller and Michael Green; the pilot episode was directed by David Slade, who made the film “Lollipop”. The protagonist was played by Ricky Whittle, his wife Laura - Emily Browning, the role of Mr. Sreda was played by Ian McShane. The series also involved Sivan Fallon, Gillian Anderson, Peter Stormare, Jonathan Tucker.To notice all the subtleties and get more pleasure from viewing, it is better to prepare and reread (or read) the best seller of Neil Gaiman.

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