We sew an interesting texture with thread pulling.

Sudden master class. Otherwise I will forget the course of my thoughts.

We will need:

  • the cloth;
  • fabric mesh;
  • yarn for knitting;
  • wire.

1. On the wrong side of the fabric place the fabric mesh. In my case, these were future curtains 🙂 in general, the fabric the harder the better, more precisely, thinner and harder.

2. We recall that somewhere there is a wire for the stamens of flowers ... which I will never do 🙂 We also remember where the nippers are small and we bend the edge, as in the photo (approximately 3 mm diameter of the loop). There should be a small gap between the coils, it will be screwed through the gap! yarn.

As long as you find needles for the bouti, you'll lose your mind, and all the more yarn, so we make the fixture ourselves

3. We sew from the inside of the inside, place between the fabrics the created device from the wire. Both edges of the wire should extend beyond the fabric at the beginning and end of the stitching. We sew with an indent of 3 or 4 mm. Pay attention: the wire under the foot, it can be corrected when sewing.

4.We make manipulations so that the yarn enters like in the photo, we do not cut off the coil. It turns out, will be pulled 2 threads. Cut the yarn after pulling.

5. We pull

6. Repeat as many times as you wish. From the front side it looks like this. The yarn should preferably shrink well and unclench 🙂 I took what was found.

7. T. to. I thought that too jam ... decided to pause between lines of 1-2 mm, the gap is filled with nothing.

As a result, we have more relief sewing with pauses. Can be done if in the threads:

2 threads - pause - 2 threads - pause (as on the sample) an odd number ... an extra thread is pulled out 🙂

2 threads - pause -1 thread - pause - 2 threads

4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 (a dash is a pause), respectively, the width between the lines will vary.

!! If we use threads for a junk or buti and use cotton or cambric cloth or silk, this will be bouti. If absolutely translucent fabric, you can vary the color of the yarn, from dark to light, yarn with a stretch of color.

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