Warm Quinoa Salad

You will need
  • For four servings:
  • - 1 glass of quinoa;
  • - 2 celery stalks;
  • - 1 carrot;
  • - 1 red bell pepper;
  • - 1 bunch of green onions;
  • - 50 g Adygei cheese;
  • - 1/3 of lemon;
  • - dried thyme, dried basil;
  • - olive oil;
  • - salt, black pepper.
Quinoa, rinse with warm water, cook for 12 minutes (for 1 cup of rice - 2 cups of water).
While the quinoa is boiling, cut the peeled carrot into large rings, send the stew to the pan. After 5 minutes, add chopped celery, pepper. Stew vegetables with thyme or basil.
Pour ready quinoa in the pan, add lemon juice, salt, pepper. Mix all ingredients, simmer another 1 minute together.
Put the finished dish in the salad bowl, add the chopped green onions, pour the olive oil, put the pieces of fresh cheese. Stir.

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