Very funny account, parodying stars

Sonya Morsikova April 22, 2016

Friday - it's time to laugh and tune in for a great weekend! Therefore, we decided to look into the account of the comedian Celeste Barber and evaluate the new parodies of stars that she does not tire of spreading. From the last: a photo session on the ocean in a latex suit, like Alessandra Ambrosio, smoky eyes, like Kim Kardashian, and a selfie from a fitness club, like her sister Kourtney (this star family is generally among the masters of trolling among their favorites), eating potatoes after Miranda Kerr, study of asanas following Beyonce, repetition of stretching, like Victoria Beckham, and much more. See and subscribe, it really is not a shame at all, but very funny! The @celestebarber account already has about 600 thousand subscribers, and who knows how many of them are stars, fans.

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