Recipes for vegetable soups exist since mankind invented cooking utensils. And every nation has its favorite, everyone’s childhood acquaintance, just the same national vegetable soup. Russians love soup, Ukrainians respect borsch, the French do not represent their cuisine without onion soup, and the Spaniards do without refreshing cold gazpacho ... Such a commitment of people of different nationalities to vegetable soups is easily explained: they are tasty, light, healthy, and easy to prepare. In general, solid pluses. Specify which ones. First, a minimum of calories - I mean the one that is cooked in water and without the addition of sour cream oil. Secondly, saturation with microelements and vitamins. Thirdly, thanks to a large amount of indigestible coarse dietary fibers (medical fact!), Boiled vegetables promote proper digestion and normalize metabolism. In general, the perfect food for anyone, especially for small children, sick or recovering, as well as for those who want to lose weight, because diet vegetable soup can be eaten in unlimited quantities.For this reason, this dish is especially popular in the summer, when you absolutely do not want a heavy, fatty meal. And how to cook vegetable soup knows any, even the most inexperienced hostess, this dish is so simple. Please note: the recipe for vegetable soup is not a dogma, the preparation of this first course allows for any kind of improvisation. For example, the base of the soup. It can be cooked on water, broth (meat, chicken, mushroom and even fish), you can also fill with cheese - melted or grated. There are no restrictions in the choice of vegetables. Carrots, cabbage, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, beets, onions, zucchini, peppers, pumpkins, tomatoes ... It is absolutely not forbidden to add to the vegetable soup, which is called so by the main ingredients, and other foods that add nutritional value and variety of taste sensations . It can be a variety of cereals, potatoes, pasta, any legumes, mushrooms. Dumplings, crackers, meatballs are also a great addition to vegetable-based. And what a rich taste and color range can be in vegetable soups! All shades of green are from oxalic soup or broccoli, thick red from borsch, delicate orange-yellow from pumpkin soup.And there may also be creamy white color in cheese-based soups, multi-colored mosaic of carrots, greens, pepper ... In short, there is plenty of room for your imagination and the possibility of saving the family budget, since the recipes of this dish usually do not require exotic products, and we cook such soups in accordance with the season and with the availability of one or another "main" vegetable. When cooking vegetable soups you need to adhere to just a few prerequisites. First: do not need to cook this dish for future use, because it quickly deteriorates. And the second: this soup does not like excessive use of seasonings - they drown out its own rich bouquet of taste and aroma.

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