Unknown but Interesting Balearic Islands

There are so many amazing places on the planet that once visited, it is impossible to ever forget. For example, the Balearic archipelago. This is an autonomous region of Spain, which has its own government, parliament and island councils on the four islands of the archipelago. It consists of many small islands and four larger, which are the main, with a total area of ​​up to five thousand square kilometers and a coastline of over one thousand two hundred kilometers.

The Baleares are located near the Iberian Peninsula, their capital is Palma de Mallorca. Today, the Balearic Archipelago is a major tourist center in the Mediterranean, quite expensive and fashionable, and popular with Celebrities.

Tourists in Mallorca (Mallorca), Menorca (Menorca), Ibiza (Ibiza) and Formentera (Formentera), the main islands of the archipelago, will have something to do. This is a great opportunity to combine beach holidays with recreational activities.The Balearic Islands, which are considered the most environmentally friendly in Europe, attract beautiful beaches where you can sunbathe and swim almost seven months a year, starting in May and ending in November. Many places of entertainment, where the nightlife boils. These are the most diverse cafes and bars, discos and casinos, with entertainment and exotic menus, which is tempting for young people.

At the Balearic you can meet VIPs who have a rest here or have a property. Mild climate, beautiful landscapes, abundance of the sun - what else is necessary for happiness? Many creative individuals come here for inspiration to create in solitude and harmony with nature.

What should a traveler know?

There are airports on all major islands of the archipelago, from which there are direct flights to major European cities. Charters are available for the high season. If desired, you can get to the place from Barcelona by ferry, regularly plying from the peninsula to the Baleares.

The main islands are interconnected by air and sea, between them scurry boats with a fare of fifteen euros.They are actively working transport bus service, allowing you to get to anywhere in the island, and Mallorca has a railway. It is affordable to rent a car for independent travel, depending on the car brand and the length of the route.

If funds allow, then the best place to stay is considered to be a villa on the coast, which guarantees peace, relaxation and enjoyment of the view, especially on the island of Menorca. But there are also democratic options in the form of guest houses and hotels, renting housing from the local population. If your goal is to break away at night and spend the day at the beach, then the “stariness” of housing does not matter, the main thing is to choose Ibiza as a stop.

Mallorca is good for a variety of recreation. Here you can go climbing, diving and windsurfing, beach doing nothing during the day and dancing at night. On Formentera, solitude, meditation and water sports can be enjoyed.

The climate of the Balear is Mediterranean temperate. It is characterized by high humidity and inter-season temperature differences. Plus temperature ranges from 8 ° C to 15 ° C in winter. From 27 ° C to 29 ° C in summer.The heat of summer does not cause inconvenience due to the constant sea breeze. But the greatest advantage is the abundance of the sun.

Baleares can give odds to other Mediterranean resorts on sunny days - there are up to three hundred of them a year. Sea water is also happy with temperatures up to 26 ° C. Absolutely all beaches are classified as urban with free admission. Payment is subject to the rental of a sunbed, umbrella, deckchair, up to five euros per day.

Spanish siesta - that's what you need to remember, going on a walk around the island. Most establishments will not be able to serve you from one o'clock to four, closing for the traditional day rest. These are banks, shops, government agencies. The exception is a small part of tourist places. The inhabitants of the archipelago can boast the highest standard of living in the country, which is noticeable in the prices of housing and goods for the local population. Travel expenses for goods with services are similar to Barcelona.

Traveling to Spain and the Balearic Islands is a heavenly delight for a gourmet. Mediterranean cuisine is famous for its traditional fish, meat, vegetable dishes that are not possible to try.Dessert consists of a variety of fruits. And the most delicious pastry conquers from the first test forever. Among the national dishes are strongly recommended to try and admire:

  • hearty soup in Mallorca, especially caldera - langoustine soup;
  • excellent paella - rice with vegetables, where meat or seafood is to your taste;
  • sausage with a collection of black pig meat;
  • pan de oli sandwiches with layered meat and ramoet tomatoes;
  • grilled fritos mallorkin, which is prepared from by-products or seafood;
  • lechona dish - baked suckling pig;
  • delightful coca de batata - buns, for the preparation of which use sweet potatoes;
  • gato - almond cake;
  • fig bread;
  • ensaimada - sweet spiral cake;
  • Gazpacho - cold tomato soup.

This is not a complete list of dishes whose taste you will remember for a long time after returning home from a trip.

What to see and visit on the archipelago?

Here you can not only have fun, but also see the sights that are on every major island of Balear. So,

  1. What surprises Mallorca? In the capital, many architectural monuments belonging to different styles and eras.A visit to the Cathedral and Bellver Castle, built in the thirteenth century, will bring true aesthetic pleasure. You can visit this knightly tournament - a theatrical performance in a Spanish town located in the historic center of Palma de Mallorca. To see a bullfight is an unforgettable sight, traditional for the Spaniards, but completely exotic for us. The venue of the event is the Bulls Square in the city center. The main natural attraction of the island are the Drakensky caves of stalactites in the east, and the underground lake Martel, considered one of the largest on the planet, you can get acquainted with the music of Chopin.
  2. In the capital of Menorca, the city of Maone, too, there are architectural monuments. And they are located in close proximity to each other, creating the impression of a museum in the open air. In the church of sv. Mary perfectly preserved organ of the nineteenth century of extraordinary strength and sound quality. In the squares of Mahon you can admire the magnificent palaces. There is on the island and the ancient city of Ciutadella, through the medieval streets of which you can leisurely stroll, inhaling the smell of history, admire the interiors of palaces and the Catholic Cathedral.Then climb to the observation deck with a beautiful panorama of the port. Do not forget to familiarize yourself with the amazing stone structures of the megalithic period dating back to the Bronze Age.
  3. Ibiza will be remembered for a sightseeing tour of the eponymous capital, the archaeological museum, which presents numerous exhibits of the eras of Carthage and Phenicia, the old quarter, a beautiful view of the port, the castle of the eighteenth century. Do not save on a boat trip along the white beaches of Ibiza to the neighboring island of Espalamador. Transparent bottom of the catamaran will allow to penetrate into the underwater world and see its inhabitants.
  4. Formentera, which is convenient to get from Ibiza, is the pearl of the Balear. This is a secluded island with one settlement and two rocky capes. Visit the lighthouse of La Mola on one of them, and a town with a small number of inhabitants and a measured flow of life, to forget about everything, enjoying peace and quiet.

Balearic Islands can be a great place to relax for people of all ages. They are not only unique, but also universal. Everyone will be able to choose the rest to taste, needs and possibilities.Young people are “to explode in full” in Ibiza, families with children have a quiet time in Minorca, lovers of excursions and new knowledge to explore Majorca, and hermits to reunite with nature in Formentera.

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