Tricks of making mousse cakes

Fans of desserts absolutely sure to appreciate the airy, beautiful and very tasty mousse cake. It looks simply luxurious, as in the photo of the best cookbooks or magazines. But if you believe in yourself and arm yourself with a detailed and understandable recipe, you can create delicious beauty with your own hands.

Step-by-step instruction

So, how to make a delicious mousse cake? Immediately it is worth noting that the process is not simple and rather long, but if you look into it and act in stages, according to the instructions, you can end up with a real masterpiece. Moreover, it can come out even at a novice chef-confectioner, but if the beautiful cake fails the first time, you should not despair. Achievements and successes usually come with experience. Below are the main stages of making a terrific dessert with a glaze, consisting of several layers.

Cooking flavored berry confit


Berry confit is a delicious and bright layer of cake that will refresh the filling and make it more original.This component of the dessert can be cooked with raspberries, cherries, strawberries. Blueberry confit will also be delicious, in general, it all depends on your taste preferences and available products.

So, the set of ingredients will be:

  • a glass of any fresh or frozen berries;
  • 6 tbsp. l. Sahara;
  • teaspoon gelatin;
  • hl lemon juice;
  • st. l. cognac or rum for flavor;
  • 4 tbsp. l. water.

Process description:

  1. Gelatin pour cool water and leave to swell. The exact duration of this period should be indicated by the manufacturer on the package, so study the instructions.
  2. If there are seeds in the berries, remove them. Put the pulp, combining it with sugar, in a saucepan, then over medium heat until sugar is completely dissolved, and then boil for about three more minutes, cool a little and chop with a blender.
  3. Remove the berry mass from the stove, cool to about 80 degrees, add the gelatin mixture into it along with brandy or rum. Stir everything thoroughly to achieve uniformity and complete dissolution of gelatin.
  4. Move the mass into a silicone mold and send it in the cold for a few hours to freeze.

It is important to know: gelatin should be soaked in cool or cold water, so that it is precisely thickened and frozen.

Cooking Brownies with Almonds

Brownies are biscuit stuffing, and to make it you need:

  • 100 g butter;
  • 7-8 Art. l. wheat flour;
  • chocolate bar (you can use milk or dark, depending on your preferences);
  • two fairly large chicken eggs;
  • half a cup of granulated sugar;
  • four art. l. nut flour.


  1. Melt butter and chocolate in a microwave oven or in a water bath, add sugar and whisk everything together with a mixer or blender, choosing the minimum speed.
  2. Introduce the egg, beat again.
  3. Add pistachio flour and wheat flour, continue the process of whipping.
  4. Baking mold (it is advisable to use a convenient detachable) grease abundantly with butter, pour the chocolate brownie dough into it.
  5. Send the form to an oven preheated to 170 degrees for about twenty-five minutes.
  6. Take out the brownies, wrap in cling film and leave in the fridge for at least ten minutes.

Nut flour can be prepared independently, for example, with pistachios.To do this, clean the nuts from the shells and pour boiling water for about five minutes to remove the skins with ease. Now dry the pistachios in an oven preheated to 150 degrees for fifteen to twenty minutes. Next, grind the nuts to a powdery state using a blender or a coffee grinder.


Go to the difficult stage - the preparation of a mirror glaze. You will need the following products:

  • 2/3 cup of water;
  • 2/3 cup of granulated sugar;
  • 10 g (a tablespoon with a slide) of gelatin;
  • 100 ml condensed milk;
  • a dark chocolate bar to give a deep color to the glaze (you can use white chocolate to make white glaze);
  • 150 ml of glucose syrup.


  1. Gelatin pour cold water.
  2. Pour the condensed milk into the bowl, grate the chocolate on top or chop the chocolate very finely.
  3. Pour the ready glucose syrup into a saucepan, add water and sugar to it.
  4. Put the container on medium heat and bring the contents to a temperature of about 101-102 degrees. The first small bubbles should appear, but there is no need to boil the mixture!
  5. Pour the mass into a cup, cool to 85 degrees, pour in the swollen gelatin and add condensed milk with chocolate.
  6. At low speed, beat the mixture with a mixer so that it becomes smooth.
  7. Send the liquid icing to the fridge for a few hours to set.

If you are unable to find glucose syrup in the store, try to get it at home. It will take 300 grams of sugar, 150 ml of water, a third of a teaspoon of baking soda and literally a quarter of a small spoon of citric acid. Combine sugar with water (leave a teaspoon for the next steps), boil. Add citric acid, boil the mixture for about 25 minutes, then cool it for five minutes and add soda diluted with the remaining teaspoon of water. Stir everything and use syrup.

Mousse preparation

The last component of the cake is aerated chocolate mousse. For him you need:

  • two chicken yolks;
  • seven art. l. water;
  • a glass of cream with fat content not less than 33%;
  • st. l. gelatin;
  • three bags of vanilla;
  • two art. l. Sahara;
  • a bar of white chocolate.

Description of preparation:

  1. Gelatin, as usual, soak in cold water, let it swell.
  2. Chop the chocolate using a grater or knife.
  3. Remove the brownie from the fridge and if it is large, cut out a circle about 15-17 cm in diameter from the reservoir (in any case, it should be a few cm smaller than the shape in which the cake will be assembled). Average height - a couple of centimeters.
  4. Mash yolks with vanilla and sugar.
  5. Cream (leave about five tbsp. L.) Warm up to 70 degrees, pour them in a thin stream into the yolks, beating the mixture. Now heat this mass to thickening over medium heat.
  6. Gradually add gelatin with chopped chocolate to the creamy yolk composition, beat everything with a mixer and cool to 25 degrees.
  7. Separately, cold whip the cream until frothy, add to the other components.

Cake assembly

For assembly can be used silicone or metal detachable form (it should be wrapped with food film so that nothing sticks).

Assembly Instructions:

  1. Pour chocolate cream mousse into the form (a little less than half), send the container to the freezer for seven minutes.
  2. Place the berry confit on the central part of the slightly stiffened mousse, and then pour the mousse so that it lightly covers the previous layer.
  3. Place in the middle of the brownie, pour the rest of the mousse.
  4. Fill the cake in the fridge overnight so that it is completely frozen.
  5. Heat the mirror glaze to 29-30 degrees, pour the entire surface and sides of the cake with it. Layer must be neat, so level it as needed.
  6. Again, send the cake in the fridge to freeze the glaze.
  7. When the top layer hardens, a stunning masterpiece can be served!

Tip: if desired, decorate the cake with berries, but the glossy icing itself looks original and bright.

Let the described recipe will help you to please the household or guests with an amazing mousse cake. If you do everything right, you will definitely get a masterpiece of pastry art.

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