Triac power controller

Such a simple, but at the same time very effective regulator, will be able to assemble almost everyone who can hold a soldering iron in their hands and at least reads the circuit a little. Well, this site will help you fulfill your desire. The presented regulator adjusts the power very smoothly without throws and dips.

A simple triac regulator circuit

Triac power control
Such a regulator can be used in the regulation of incandescent lighting, but also LED, if you buy dimmable. The temperature of the soldering iron is easy to adjust. You can continuously adjust the heating, change the speed of rotation of an electric motor with a phase-wound rotor and many more places where such a useful thing can be found. If you have an old electric drill that does not regulate revolutions, then using this regulator will improve such a useful thing. In the article, with the help of photos,description and the attached video, the whole process of manufacture, from gathering of details to testing of the finished product, is described in great detail.

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