Top ten of the most famous blondes in the world

Blonde is not only the color of hair, but also the state of mind. Blond women are charming and always basking in attention. And among them there are known all over the world and included in history.

So, the 10 most famous blondes in the world:

  1. The first place in the rating, undoubtedly, deserves the inimitableMarilyn Monroe. Unfortunately, her fate was sad, but this always young talented singer and actress became legendary and remained forever in the hearts of millions of people. Marilyn's real name is Norma Jean. The peak of her career came in the middle of the last century, and at that time she was considered a real sex symbol. She was loved, she was striving to imitate. Monroe starred in twenty pictures, and some are still considered classics of the genre. She also managed to master other roles: she sang, went to the catwalks as a model and broke men's hearts. Many people remember her frivolous and windy images, but in Marilyn's life everything was completely different.She was not carefree, could not build a relationship, and very early passed away, never having experienced real female happiness and not knowing mutual love.
  2. Brigitte Bardotalso forever remained in history. She was born in France and first appeared on movie screens in the middle of the last century. The real popularity of the actress brought the picture "And God created a woman." But Bridget's career began much earlier: at the age of fourteen she took part in fashion shows, and in 15 of her photos appeared on the cover of one of the most popular magazines. The first spouse of Bardo was the beginning director Roger Vadim: the girl's parents were against marriage, which is why she tried to commit suicide. And this marriage was not the only one. Bardo was an active public figure and because of this she was repeatedly accused of fomenting conflicts, including interracial. The image of Bridget is catchy and vivid, they are still trying to copy it.
  3. Grace kelly. This actress of American origin is the embodiment of grace, elegance, refinement and femininity. Still, after all this girl managed to achieve overwhelming success and become a princess of Monaco.Such success is connected with the personal qualities and purposefulness of Grace, but her hair color probably helped her. Kelly was absolutely happy, because she was able to meet the man of her dreams and bore three children from him. Unfortunately, in the 82nd year of the last century, Grace's life suddenly ended: she was driving in a car and got into a car accident because of a stroke. In honor of this truly legendary woman, they shot several films and even released a two-dollar commemorative coin, and several songs were dedicated to her.
  4. Madonna- The real queen of shocking, which to this day continues to please fans with new songs and surprise the public with crazy and unexpected actions. Career pop diva began in 1978 after moving to New York. She came to this city for the sake of participation in a dance group, but then became involved in vocals. At first, the girl performed as a member of rock bands, but then decided to take up creative work on her own and began performing solo. Madonna’s business card is her tendency to change: she has changed her looks more than once, but she has never betrayed herself and has always remained bright and unique. It is the same today.
  5. Pamela Andersonalso considered one of the most famous blondes in the world, and this is deservedly so. She was born in a simple and not the most well-to-do family, and after graduation she worked as a physical education teacher. The fate of the girl changed at a football match: one of the cameras captured her close-up, and he was noticed by the manager of the brewing company, who offered Pamela an advertising contract. In the late 80s of the last century, a girl with very appetizing forms and an impressive breast size was first seen in Playboy magazine, with whom she continued to work for a long time. Career actress began with the series "rescuers Malibu," in which Anderson played a major role. After that, Pamela was recognized as a US sex symbol, which benefited her and helped her succeed.
  6. Uma Thurman- A famous Hollywood actress and blonde who did not change her hair color and probably does not plan to do it. Her career began with a modeling business, in which she was able to achieve success thanks to the ideal forms and high growth. But she promised the legendary movie roles. World fame came to mind after shooting in the famous film “Pulp Fiction”. And then director Quentin Tarantino more than once offered leading roles, each of which became special.And Thurman easily mastered a variety of genres: action films, comedies, fantasy and documentary films and dramas.
  7. Paris Hilton. This blonde was lucky initially, because she was lucky to be born in the family of the owner of the global hotel chain "Hilton". In the early 2000s, the girl signed a contract with a well-known model agency and began the career of the model. A little later, Paris began acting in the scandalous show “Simple Life”, which made her really famous. Blond Hilton's popularity was fueled by her lifestyle. She is a frequenter of "star" events, for which she received the tacit status of the main secular lioness of the entire planet. The girl tried her luck in other areas: she played several minor and main roles and released her own songs.
  8. Cameron Diaz- the former model and successful actress, who to this day gets the main roles in films, doomed to success. Diaz became famous after participating in the film “Mask”, in which she starred with Jim Carrey. Cameron is especially good at comedy roles in which she reveals her charisma and uses her natural charm.But this blonde also starred in dramatic films, and such roles were also given to her easily. By the way, Diaz is an ardent opponent of plastic surgery and suffers from misophobia - the fear of getting dirty or infected.
  9. Gwen stephanie- a famous singer, one of the recognizable features of which is just hair color. Her career started with participation in the group “No Doubt”, after which she began solo swimming in the world of show business. Gwen had been happily married to musician Gavin Rossdale for a long time and bore him three beautiful sons, but she did not forgive her husband for cheating and left him. And such a beauty definitely will not be lonely.
  10. Sharon stone. This sexy and inimitable actress, like many others, began the path to success with the model business, but he did not bring her fame. Sharon woke up to the scandalous picture “Basic Instinct”, famous after the world screens, in which she played the role of a fatal seductress and appeared before the viewers in a very frank manner. And although today Stone is over 50, she continues to be sexy and seductive.

They were the most famous blondes in the whole world, although there are many other famous women with fair hair.

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