Top 7 positive gifts for the New Year for friends

0We all want the gifts we have chosen to be unusual and memorable. But the New Year is an annual holiday, and it is not so easy to come up with something more original this year. How to make a bright, positive, memorable gift to friends, about which they will tell their friends?

Especially for you, we have compiled TOP-7 positive gifts to friends for the New Year. Choose something from this list, pack in motley paper and be sure that they will be delighted with the creativity of your New Year's gift.

№1. New Year's blanket with sleeves

A great gift for long, cozy evenings! What could be better than a soft blanket that reliably protects you from drafts, and at the same time leaves your hands free!


№2. 3D lamps imprinted in the wall

Along with this lamp is sold a sticker in the form of cracks on the wall. A creative gift can be different - this is the mask of Iron Man, and the hammer of Thor, and a soccer ball, realistically cutting into the wall from the inside or piercing your wall from the outside!


No. 3. Silver BMW i8 Wireless Mouse

A great gift for both gamers and motorists! Combine two enthusiasm in an unusual way to help here such a wireless mouse, made in the form of a silver BMW i8.


№4. Backlit Whiskey Glass

For lovers of this drink - a great decoration. The glass is illuminated from the bottom and creates an excellent cozy atmosphere. In addition, the backlight turns on when you touch your hand, and all the glasses in the set are highlighted in different colors - there will no longer be confusion, where is whose glass!


№5. Suitcase scooter for creative travelers

For those who are often on the road and loves to ride with the wind! Travel suitcase with a built-in folding scooter - with it you will brighten up the time in the waiting room, and you will definitely have time for your flight!


№6. Bear for secrets and zanachek

A simple and very ordinary bear cub will please a child. But in order for him to like an adult, you need to add a secret function to it. Bears have a small zipper around his neck, and inside there is a great secret pocket!


№7. Magnetic board on the fridge


Cool interior detail that fits into any kitchen. Write grocery lists, notes, or nice messages for your loved ones!



It was the TOP 7 of the original positive gifts for your friends. Please them and of course, enjoy yourself!

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