Top 7 most funny Guinness records


The Guinness Book of Records was originally planned as a serious publication, an authoritative source, including proven scientific facts. However, with the advent of popularity and increasing sales, not only incredible, but sometimes absurd or amusing achievements have penetrated into it. People sought to be on the pages of the directory by all means, doing reckless, ridiculous, sometimes completely inadequate things. But is it bad? You can laugh together! We bring to your attention a selection of the 7 most ridiculous Guinness World Records.


Jeff Van Dyck (Belgium) in 2009 put on as many T-shirts as anyone could not - 229 pieces! I wonder how he then removed them?


The biggest cowards and most of the people who fit in them: in 2012 in the UK 169 people tried on giant three-meter-long trousers. In width, they were 10 meters. A whole parachute! And unhygienically somehow ...


Thomas Vogel (Germany) turned out to be a manly hand: he managed to unbutton 56 bras in a minute.His face in the photo glows with glee: still, not every day such happiness falls!



Kim Goodman (America) is able to literally "hatch" on you with his eyes. Why literally? His eyes can extend from the orbit by 1.5 centimeters. Something like a cartoon, right?


Duffield Bryan (United Kingdom) is a champion in eating raw onions for a while: he cracked the onion in just a minute and a half, ahead of rivals. Take a look at this skewed physiognomy - as they say, the mice cried and injected, but continued to eat the cactus.


Jin Sunhao (China) was naked when he set his record: he climbed into a snowdrift and managed to stay there for 46 minutes and 7 seconds. At the same time, he did not miss at all: he took a bottle of beer and a snack to her with him. If you think about it, then in modern Russian realities you can also meet such champions, only they do it not for fame, but for the soul.

And you would not want to be on the pages of the book of records? Maybe there is something else that no one has done? As you can see, it is not necessary to be someone outstanding and possess super-skills - it is enough to have a fantasy, and in some cases a bit of inadequacy.

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