Top 5 fragrant plants that should be in your home

Indoor flowers are not only a decorative decoration of the room, but also a natural fragrance. Many indoor plants are grown for the sake of constant freshness and wonderful aroma, which fill all living quarters during flowering. The natural natural aroma of flowering plants cannot be replaced with any aroma candles or air fresheners in the form of sprays. In addition, many of them have a harmful effect on the human body.


Exotic jasmine pleases with snow-white blossom and unique aroma. Jasminum sambac, which requires a room with windows facing the south side and full bright lighting, is most suitable for growing at home. Plant care rules are simple. It is only necessary to prevent an overabundance of moisture in the soil during irrigation and overdrying of the soil.

Throughout the year, jasmine pleases the hosts with a beautiful flowering and bright scent.Jasmine "Orange" also has a bright and unique aroma and is suitable for growing in an apartment.



The fragrant geranium is a fragrant houseplant that has different aromas depending on the variety. Geranium fragrance, which comes from its velvet leaves, can be mint, citrus, pineapple, apricot, chocolate, oak and pink. Plant care is the correct location of the flower capacity. Put the flower in a warm room with sunlight and maintain moderate soil moisture. This is enough for the full growth and development of the plant.


The ancient patchouli plant has the appearance of a lush shrub and exudes a unique scent. Care is the right lighting and timely pruning. Easily propagated by cuttings.


The relaxing lavender scent is used in aromatherapy sessions. It is only necessary to pre-dry the leaves of the plant. But the flowers are used in cooking as a seasoning with a sweetish taste. Compact Spanish lavender can be grown at home on a windowsill on the south, east or west side of the house.


A noble, fragrant orchid blooms with beautiful white, yellow, pink and blue flowers. Arculated peduncles should not be removed after the end of flowering - in 2-3 months it may bloom again. For orchids, high humidity and drainage layer at the bottom of the pot are important.

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