Top 10 ways to spoil the workout in the gym

Recently, the fashion for visiting gymnasiums and fitness clubs has greatly increased, many are trying to join the ranks of athletes and bodybuilders, watching their weight and, at least, trying to fight with extra pounds. All this led to the fact that good gyms are often clogged and crowded, which, in turn, forms certain norms of behavior, because without them there would have been extremely difficult.

Of course, you will not be expelled for any minor missteps, but if you are a novice and have never encountered training in the gym, then you still need to know about the existence of unspoken rules in this area. To spoil training yourself or, worse, other people in the hall, it is not necessary to make special efforts. So, we list the top 10 ways in which this happens with maximum efficiency.

  • “Got sick? Nothing, the best treatment is training! ” Some inveterate athletes are inclined to believe that it is best to treat mild ailment with a good workout.The matter here, as they say, is personal, but we must not forget that other people besides you are engaged in the hall who are not very pleased to listen to your blowing your nose and constantly risk getting infected. If you feel strong, then it is better to arrange training at home, and go to the gym when you feel a significant improvement.
  • “Short shorts and deep cleavage is the best solution for a sports girl!”. In fact, it is very important to pay attention not to your appearance and fashion, but to the comfort and efficiency of your clothes. Of course, you should look neat and clean, but too tight and short tops, frank shorts or neckline - not the best solution for the gym. They can hamper movement, as well as constantly attract outsiders.
  • "But you are not doing it that way!" Some people tend to give advice everywhere and everywhere, and they can touch any topic, in this case, training. Even if you notice that someone is doing something wrong, do not interfere if you, of course, have not asked for help themselves. In extreme cases, you can go to the coach and ask him to help someone who can not cope with the exercise.
  • "Oh, what a scent!".Remember that even the most elite and expensive fragrance of perfume can not be liked by someone, a person can even get a headache if several people have overdone it with smells. In addition, the perfume, mixed with sweat, can cause allergic reactions and not be transformed into the most pleasant combination of "fragrances". Try to use only deodorant for training, and leave the perfume for another time.
  • "Oh, what a man!" You must agree that many visitors to the gyms go there not only for sport, but also for the sake of flirting, because there are so many pumped up and beautiful figures around! All flirting and languid glances should be left behind the threshold of the hall: first, your excessive fluids can interfere with the rest, and, secondly, constantly looking around, it will not take long to injure you.
  • "Alo, Svetochka?". Another bad habit of some gym visitors is excessive and loud communication on a mobile phone. We must not forget that with your empty talk you can distract other visitors, not to mention the fact that your training will be held with much less efficiency.
  • "How strong and beautiful I am!" It is often possible to notice how pumped-up men in fine form operate with serious weights, lift the bars with so many pancakes that everyone around them just has no speech. True, we must not forget that after you have flashed your muscles, you need to remove all the pancakes back from the bar, otherwise the next person will need to do it for you. In principle, this is quite a normal rule: work out, bring your workplace to the starting position and it does not matter whether it is dumbbells, a simulator or something else.
  • "Sexy sweat droplets." Maybe sweat droplets on beautiful skin and can look attractive, but sweaty stains on the seat or back of the simulator - not really. Be sure to take a small towel with you to the gym - they can wipe their foreheads, if necessary, and spread them on the simulator so as not to leave behind a puddle of sweat. Who will be pleased to practice on it after you?
  • “Where I want, I stand there!” Try not to stand for long periods in narrow aisles, this can make it difficult for other visitors to train. If you want to rest, it is better to step aside from the training part,If you want to work out with dumbbells, take a few steps away from the rack with them so that other people can calmly walk up and pick up the necessary equipment.
  • "As much as I want, I do so much." In the gyms it is very often possible to see real queues wishing to work out on cardiovascular machines, because often the duration of the exercises here is considerable. After standing up in turn, try to cope with your task as efficiently and quickly as possible, and it’s somehow wrong to trample on others, they say, “I waited and others will wait”. In addition, cardiovascular exercises with higher speed will bring you only benefits, as well as free up time for others.
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