Top 10 stars, plastic-distorted

Plastic surgery has been around for a long time and has been successfully developing every year. Sometimes surgeons literally save faces and help people look the way they used to. But some celebrities in their pursuit of the ideal can not stop and almost disfigure themselves. And what stars suffered the most from their love of plastic surgery?

Victims of Plastic Surgery

We offer the top 10 celebrity victims of plastic surgery:

1. Masha Malinovskaya

Once a girl could boast of her natural beauty. But it was so long ago that today many can no longer remember how this TV host and socialite looked like before. But today it can be recognized by silicone breasts and “pumped up” lips, one of which, due to an unsuccessful operation, bulged out and looked like a hare.

Masha Malinovskaya

Masha herself for a long time stubbornly denied that she was lying under the surgeons' knife. She said her data was a gift of nature. But at the age of 24, she accidentally showed everyone a bust that was a little like a natural one.

And when the secret became too obvious, Malinovskaya admitted that she had been to plastic surgery clinics more than once. But diva breast augmentation was called a rescue measure, but she still regrets about the plasticity of her lips.

2. Donatella Versace

This talented woman perfectly copes with the design of clothes and understands this better than many. But plastic surgery is not her hobby. And yet, Donatella, self-confident after being appointed to a new position (she became the head of the famous house of the same name created by her brother), decided to change completely and turned to plastic surgeons for help.

Donatella Versace

She did an incredible number of surgeries: she changed the shape of her nose, increased her lips, made a few braces and breast plastic. But all these numerous operations did not help Donatella to become a beauty.

On the contrary, it looks more like a monster today. The face looks unnatural, and facial expressions resemble grimaces. Itself Versace considers successful only plastic breast, but the other operation calls a mistake. Only recently Donatella realized that a woman should be beautiful from the inside.

3. Lyudmila Gurchenko

The late Lyudmila Gurchenko always looked stunning and only at the end of her life changed. For the first time she decided on an operation to change the cut of the eyes in her youth.

Lyudmila Gurchenko

But when old age began to approach, Gurchenko decided to actively fight with her. Doctors warned her that at such an advanced age, the results may differ from the desired, because the skin is thin and dry.

But the actress did not listen to the experts and lay down under the surgeon’s knife. Nothing good came of it, but still, until the end of her life, Gurchenko continued to struggle with bags under her eyes, wrinkles and other signs of aging. But remember her all the young and beautiful, which she was always.

4. Jocelyn Wildenstein

Jocelyn Wildenstein or the famous catwoman was once the wife of the famous billionaire Alec. And it was for him that the unfortunate lay under the surgeon’s knife to remove the fine wrinkles. And since then, the life of a woman has turned into a struggle for beauty and youth and attempts to keep her influential husband.

Jocelyn Wildenstein

There were rumors that, inspired by the love of the wife to the cats, Jocelyn decided to become like herself a pretty animal. But Alec did not appreciate such changes and left his wife.And she received a divorce in a huge amount of money, which she decided to use in order to return the former beauty.

But the woman only disfigured herself completely. And yet Jocelyn does not feel unhappy. She leads an active lifestyle and participates in fashion shows. But in the photo and in the life of a catwoman looks awful.

5. Masha Rasputin

Masha Rasputin

Once she was a real Russian beauty, but after giving birth she decided to put herself in order and, as it turned out later, went too far. The husband gave Masha money for plastic surgeries, and Rasputin decided to literally change everything: her nose, cheekbones, chest, lips, eye shape. But the singer did not become a beauty. After a long break in her career, Masha finally appeared in public and amazed everyone with the metamorphosis that occurred with her appearance. And today Masha, unfortunately, more like a doll, and not a bright beauty.

6. Peris Hilton

Young, beautiful and rich Paris, who inherited fabulous sums from her parents, has long been leading a high life and taking part in all star parties. Apparently the need to constantly catch hundreds of views and the desire to be like other beauties with magnificent forms and forced Hilton to decide on operations.

Paris Hilton

Firstly, she changed the shape of the nose, secondly, made a plastic breast, and thirdly, increased her lips. The chest looks good, but the nose and lips could have been left the way nature had created them, since Paris had obviously suffered from the interventions.

7. Mickey Rourke

One of the most mutilated famous men is Mickey Rourke. Once he was a sexy brutal handsome, but one day decided that something in appearance needs to be changed. Probably, the years took their toll, and Mickey wanted to preserve youth, but the attempt was unsuccessful.

Mickey Rourke

Today, the face of Rourke is more like a terrible mask. And the actor himself claims that he decided on an operation because he suffered from his love for boxing. One way or another, Mickey is not the same. Although in the movie Rourke is still removed and even plays the main roles.

8. Julia Volkova

The former member of the notorious group "Tattoo" today is no longer like the young girl who was once. Yes, Volkova has already managed to become a mother of two children, but she came to form pretty quickly. And yet Yulia wanted radical changes, which is why she lay under the surgeon's knife.

Julia Volkova

By the way, Volkov's plastic surgery has been fascinated for quite some time, but the last operations, as many have managed to note, were the most unsuccessful.If the breast looks very good, then the surgeons (or the singer herself) obviously overdid it with their lips.

They look unnatural and spoil the girl’s face. Yulia also enjoys injections of Botox, which also do not paint her. The skin loses its former elasticity and becomes like a film.

9. Sergey Zverev

If you compare the photos of the present time and past years, it is impossible to believe that this cute guy with attractive features and today's shocking man with a woman's face is one and the same person. But it is so. A simple hairdresser once decided to turn into a famous fashion stylist and realized that you need to start with appearance.

Sergey Zverev

Sergey changed his nose, lips, cheekbones, chin. As a result, the face became unrecognizable and, frankly, admittedly absurd. Zverev himself has long told everyone that he decided on plastic after the accident. Yet he admitted that everything was done only in order to change.

10. Elena Proklova

Actress Elena Proklova looks good for her age, does not hide her love for plastic surgery and openly admits that she uses the help of surgeons. She changed the shape of the eyelids, did a few braces, enlarged her lips and regularly takes botox injections.

Elena Proklova

Elena herself is pleased with her appearance and declares that she will continue to go under the knife.But here are other delight actresses do not share. Many had difficulty recognizing Elena after plastics, and some began to parody the star.

Let the mistakes of the stars be a lesson for ordinary people. Plastic surgery is not always successful, and addiction to it can lead to sad consequences.

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