Top 10 of the world famous artists

Have you ever thought about the fact that you are not familiar with the names of female artists? If you are asked to name at least a few famous artists, then you probably remember only men: Raphael, Gog, Dali, and so on. But what about the beautiful half of society?

Do women really did not succeed in this field of fine art, or were their names deliberately, or perhaps by chance, lost in the pages of centuries-old world history?

In fact, the percentage of female artists has always always been less than the male one, and therefore only a few have achieved true popularity among them.

Beautiful lady

There is another reason why, for a long time, the names of women artists were not so banned, but for some reason they were of little interest to society.

Recently, the situation has changed a lot, and literally a century ago, women had little right to vote, even their education was very different from men’s, and it was quite difficult for them to succeed in such professions.

But, despite even this fact, there were enough of the fair sex who managed to break all the stereotypes and achieve significant success in the field of fine art. Today we will correct the mistakes of the past and get to know the top 10 most famous and talented women artists in the world.

1. Sofonisba Angissola

The famous Italian artist of the second half of the XVI and the beginning of the XVII century, who, first of all, received her fame as a master of the portrait, most often, a self-portrait, which, in principle, is not surprising.

It is noteworthy that Sofonisba was born into a noble family, where art classes were carried out thanks to her father, who dreamed of realizing all the creative abilities of his family, where there were 4 more sisters.

Sofonisba Angissola

Sofonisba is known for living portraits of her relatives and relatives, in which she tried to convey them in a natural form for some occupation. Among the teachers of the famous artist are Bernardo Campi and Michelangelo himself, although this is not known with complete certainty.

2. Maria Bashkirtseva

The main merit of this talented artist is that she was the first among Russian women artists whose works were acquired by the Louvre.Maria worked in the middle of the XIX century, lived a short, but bright and full of creative life, is the author of the world famous "Diary".

Maria Bashkirtseva

All the necessary knowledge about painting, Maria received in the Academy of Painting, the girl was actively engaged in self-education all the time. Soon her paintings were noticed by critics, famous art critics began to praise her in the press, and the girl became increasingly popular.

Today, the original paintings by Bashkirtseva are a real rarity, because, unfortunately, most of them were burned down during World War II.

3. Angelica Kaufman

Angelica is considered one of the most educated and talented women of her time, the Enlightenment century. It is known that her father was a medium-sized artist, the family often moved not only from city to city, but also to other countries.


Angelika already from 9 years old had a good job with pencil and oil, the girl already from that time dreamed of becoming a great artist, which, in fact, she managed with interest. As a result, Angelica was admitted to the Academy of St.. Luke, and literally in a few years also into the ranks of the members of the French Royal Academy.The most fruitful in terms of writing pictures, are 15 years old, which the artist spent in London.

4. Zinaida Serebryakova

Zinaida was born at the end of the 19th century in a creative family, in which it was difficult not to become an artist, because a girl from the earliest years heard conversations about the significant role of art in every person’s life. At the age of 25 the artist presented her own self-portrait, which was accepted by society and highly appreciated by critics.

Zinaida Serebryakova

For some time, Zinaida had to leave work, because she soon left her husband without 4 small children in her arms. All who are familiar with the work of Serebryakova, say that it is her paintings that are the embodiment of the real Russian talent.

5. Marie Tussauds

Surely, many are familiar with the name of Tussauds, which only stands the famous museum of figures. Surprisingly, little Marie did not know for a long time that her father was a sculptor who, in consequence, handed her the work of her life - the Museum of Wax. Marie continued her father's work, followed by her children and other descendants.

Marie Tussauds

6. Camilla Claudel

Persistent and very talented artist, who at the age of 18 came to conquer Paris and still did it.Camilla is known for her resemblance to the creator of the time, Rodin, with whom, by the way, she even had an affair.

Camille Claudel

Nevertheless, such sculptures as “Over the Talk,” “Oblivion,” and “Waltz” received massive approval among the real connoisseurs of art, and after the artist’s death were placed in a separate room of the Rodin Museum.

7. Yayoi Kusama

Extremely original and creative Japanese contemporary artist, who, unfortunately, or fortunately for her work, who knows, is mentally ill and lives in a psychiatric hospital. However, her work is literally striking in its non-standard, so that they are sold for large amounts of money.

Yayoi Kusama

8. Francis MacDonald

The famous Scottish artist, who, together with her equally talented sister, Margaret, painted unique canvases in the modern style. The artists lived and worked in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The girls, first of all, are famous for setting the stage for such a design trend as art deco.

Frances MacDonald

9. Elena Gika (Koltsova-Mosalskaya)

The famous Romanian artist, princess, writer and mountaineer, who received universal recognition for its extraordinary landscapes, characterized by inimitable rich color and subtlety of writing details. Elena won the award of the Russian Academy of Arts.

Elena Gika Koltsova-Mosalskaya

10. Mary Cassatt

Mary Cassatt

A well-known American artist who lived and worked in the era of impressionism. Despite the fact that she was from a family of bankers, Mary was determined to engage in the visual arts. The greatest popularity was due to their paintings on the personal and social topics of women.

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