Top 10 movies, from which you want to live no matter what

There are moments in life when everything around us ceases to please, waking up every day, a person does not notice the beautiful, but just goes with the flow, moving from work to home and back, not thinking how unusual it is that you just live.

Autumn or winter blues, cold and slush, life difficulties, routine and monotony of modern life periodically introduce a person into a state of mild depression, and getting out of it is not as easy as we would like. Everything seems gray and mundane, boring, boring and useless, life passes by, and you just look at it and you can’t do anything about it. Familiar?


Sometimes, to get out of such a state and look at the world around you under a different degree, it is enough to sit back comfortably in your favorite chair and turn on the viewing of a good movie.

Especially for such cases, there are such films, from which everything inside turns upside down, the mind begins to work differently, and motivating thoughts appear in my head, which force us to move forward, only with a different, positive attitude.

More positive

Especially for you, dear readers, we made the top 10 best films, from which I want to live, create and love, no matter what. In our opinion, this movie inspires, makes us better, and after viewing leaves only positive, bright and kind emotions.

So look and be inspired. If you have something to add to our list, be sure to share information with us in the comments.

10. “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, 2008, USA.

"I want to remember us the way we are now."

The film tells of the amazing story of a man who was born an 80-year old man, but, in time, began to grow young. His life was rolling in the opposite direction, he went a long and unusual way of life, which, in spite of all the fantastic nature of what is happening, is striking in its naturalism and reality.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

On the face of an amazing game of actors with Brad Pete in the title role, the director’s masterful work, the whole story is thought out to the smallest detail, and the result is decent: after watching such a film, it’s hard to remain the same.

9. “Large fish”, 2003, USA.

"The biggest fish is the one that does not bite at the bait."

The deep, wise and subtle plot of the film was masterfully filmed by director Tim Burton, who presented the audience another film-fantasy. But the meaning of the film was absolutely not to see, be touched by beautiful views and inventions of the main character, and forget.

Large fish

The idea to teach the viewer is not just to watch, but to see, because everyone has his own reality, and it depends on the inner world of the viewer. If you want to learn to see in the sky not just the sky, but the stars, countless other worlds of the immense and endless cosmos, then look at the Big Fish.

8. “August Rush”, 2007, USA.

"An incredible journey at the speed of sound."

An interesting and fascinating film that narrates the story of a talented, out-of-year orphan boy. He never saw his parents, but he dreams about finding them, and for this he has only one thing - his music.

August Rush

Throughout the movie, the protagonist faces a series of unusual phenomena, which results in a happy ending. "August Rush" has long become a classic of American cinema, despite its relatively young age.

7“Always say“ Yes! ”, 2008, USA, Australia.

"One word can change your life."

The film, based on the biographical book of a British writer who lived for six months, answering only “yes” to all the proposals, talks about a depressive average manager who decides to deal with his condition and agree to all incoming offers.

Always say yes

Thanks to this act, he turns his life into a crazy, but fascinating adventure that teaches to appreciate life.

6. “Awakening”, 1990, the USA.

"Simple miracles do not happen."

A motion picture film based on real events tells of a shy doctor, Malcolm Sayer, who used experimental drugs to treat victims of a rare disease - lethargic encephalitis.


People who have been sitting in wheelchairs for years, immobilized, as if “sleeping”, are finally able to “wake up”. Inspired by their own sudden recovery, they, like ordinary and healthy people, begin to dream, hope and believe.

5. “Reaching out to heaven”, 1997, Germany.

"And there, in the sky, they only talk about the sea."

The story tells of two mortally ill men who are driven by fate in a hospital, where the doctors pass their death sentence. But, in spite of everything, the two comrades decide that the last moments of life can’t be left stupidly in a hospital bed and embark on all the mean, stealing a car with a million German marks.

Knockin 'on Heaven

Perhaps the description of life does not seem to be life-affirming, but the presentation of the plot, the play of actors and the non-empty dialogues of the main characters make this picture unforgettable.

4. "... And in my heart I'm dancing", 2004, Great Britain, Ireland, France.

"Of course, this is a dance, but what do you think I'm doing inside of me?"

A piercing and delicate story about the friendship of two young people who spent their entire adult life in a wheelchair, suffering from cerebral palsy.

And I dance in my heart

The main goal of this film is to show the viewer that, despite all the difficulties of life, you need to fight for your happiness, for your life and not to forget to live fully in this world, taking care of people around you, make friends, love, joke and, of course, dance.

3. “The Untouchables (1 + 1)”, 2011, France.

"It doesn’t matter who you are outside, it is important who you are from the inside."

An amazing mixture of drama and comedy, which resulted in a cheerful, kind, witty and life-affirming picture, after viewing which, faith in the best appears.


The deep meaning of the picture is communicated by simple means, there is no desire for anyone to regret or hate fate. The world is what it is, and we must learn to appreciate every moment spent in it, which is shown by our example of two heterogeneous comrades, the main characters of the picture.

2. "Forrest Gump", 1994, USA.

"The world will never be the same again, after you look at it with the eyes of Forrest Gamp."

The world phenomenon of 1994 and the winner in 6 nominations of the Oscar award literally shook the world cinema. The story reveals to us all the facets of the life of a weak-minded and harmless person with an open soul and a kind heart, who has lived a long, extraordinary and eventful life.

Forrest Gump

1."Pay another", 2000, USA.

"We can change the world."

The motion picture reveals the story of the boy Trevor, who proposed a simple theory by which to really make the world simpler: I will help you, and you will help the following three.

Pay another

The idea is simple, but it works, however, for the time being. The film is not imbued with naive notes of romance, everything good in our cruel world is quickly crushed by anger and hatred. But there is always hope, and it is important to see it.

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