Top 10 most useful exercises for weight loss

Does it make sense to deny - we are absolutely not indifferent to how we look and what do we think about others, and a slender and smart figure speaks for itself. To achieve such a result is sometimes not easy, especially if a person suffers from excess weight, which must be eliminated, but how?

Exhausting diets, constant compulsions and restrictions, hard training, which do not bring particular joy - is not the best option, although, that arguing is sometimes very effective.

Proper nutrition and good motivation can be combined with pleasant and effective exercises that will not only help you in the struggle for a beautiful body, but will also become a source of positive mood. A good attitude is already half the battle!

Do it right

In order for exercise complexes to have real effect, it is necessary to follow a list of certain rules, without which getting rid of extra pounds and shaping a slender figure is simply unrealistic.

First, the last meal should be at least one hour before the workout, and the next one not earlier than 2-3 hours after exercise, unless you are, of course, trying to build muscle, and, therefore, again, do increase the weight.

During classes, you must drink clean water, but no more than 1-2 sips at a time, and at the end of the workout do not drink for 30 minutes. That's all simple rules. It is necessary to train regularly, combining several kinds of loads that not only help to lose weight, but also strengthen health, increase strength and flexibility of the body, as well as the general vitality of the body.

List of the most effective exercises for weight loss

1. Step aerobics

Opens our top 10 of the best exercises for weight loss just this kind, because in an hour of such an intense training really drop up to 700 calories, which is quite a lot!

In any comprehensive program for weight loss step aerobics should be unconditionally present, at least 2 times a week. Despite the fact that during the training on the steppes the main load goes to the feet, step aerobics can effectively burn fat reserves, and also work through all the problem areas of the body: buttocks, abdomen, lateral muscles of the press and so on.

Step aerobics

The result is a beautiful taut body, good mood and increased body skill. The simplest set of exercises is not very complex, even a newcomer can handle it.

2. Running on the street or on the treadmill

It is a pity, but in our country the culture of running is not developed as much as we would like: out of 20 people, a maximum of 1 will give due attention to this important and effective exercise. In an hour of intensive jogging, it is really possible to throw off 550-600 kcal, and, what is nice, for such an exercise it is not necessary to go to the gym or get special equipment.

It is enough to buy a pair of good sneakers and go to the nearest park, and if you're lucky there is an open stadium with lanes next to you, then of course there.


It is not necessary to run at the speed of light, it is enough to maintain a stable average pace and move for at least 20 minutes, since only after the 15th minute the aerobic processes in the body start running and the excess weight starts to melt.

3. Dancing or dancing aerobics

What type of dance loads you choose is completely unimportant, the main thing is to move and sweat intensively.This kind of stress not only contributes to active weight loss (up to 700 kcal per hour!), But also improves mood, improves overall muscle tone, develops grace and sexuality, which are so necessary for a confident and successful woman.


To enhance the effect of dancing, during workouts you can wear warm clothes and not stop for a minute for 30 minutes.

4. Walking

And, by the way, it's not even necessarily sporting, it's enough to just walk, every day and a lot. The optimal distance that you need to overcome every day is 10,000 steps, it will help you to achieve an excellent result.


Usually, special pedometers are used for these purposes or they simply calculate the time or distance that must be spent in order to overcome such a number of steps. Compose yourself every time new and interesting routes, meticulously follow the number of steps and the result will not take long to wait.

5. Strength training in the gym

Despite the fact that strength training should not appear in the program of your weight loss more than 1 time per week, they should be there, at least in the basic complex.

Exercises in the gym

If you are new to this business, then be sure to draw up a preliminary program with a trainer, so that instead of building muscle you start the process of burning fat. All exercises must be done at least 50 times in one workout, but still you need to start small and go towards the goal gradually.

6. Cycling

Of course, it's nice to ride a bike in a cool evening through the semi-desert streets, but if your time is limited, then an exercise bike will do, in fact, the result will be the same. If you pedal hard, the sooner the better, then you really lose from 500 to 800 kcal per hour!

Bicycle riding

This is a very useful and effective exercise for losing weight: firstly, the load on the legs and knee joints is reduced, unlike the previous options, and, secondly, it is an excellent mechanism for normalizing the metabolic processes, which leads to intense calorie burning.

7. Swimming

Perhaps one of the most pleasant ways to strengthen your health and lose extra pounds, however, it must be combined with other types of loads.


Aerobic processes, as well as during running, are activated only on the 15th minute, therefore it is necessary to spend at least 30 minutes in the water, while not just standing still, but intensively paddling with your hands and feet.

8. Yoga

A special kind of physical activity that can please a person with an impressive list of usefulness and weight loss is just one of many points. In an hour of training it is really possible to throw off from 300 to 600 kcal, however, it is better to perform dynamic sets of exercises, accompanied by specific yoga breathing.


9. Horse riding

If you are very fond of horses, then this kind of load is especially for you, because it is wonderful shakes almost all the muscles of the body, and during the fascinating walks a huge amount of calories is burned - from 200 to 500!

Horseback riding

10. Home cleaning

If time is running out, then useful things can be combined with the necessary: ​​cleaning and easy training - concepts that go along. Under a good and active music, waving a rag, a vacuum cleaner or a broom really lose up to 200 kcal per hour, which, you see, is very nice.

House cleaning

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