Top 10 most famous plus size models (10 photos)

Fashion is a capricious girl, she manages to touch on every aspect of human life, be it a dress or a shawl, home furniture or a houseplant.

Everything is subject to its quirks, including the female figure: once upon a time, men wouldn’t even look at flat and anorexic girls like those that walk around world catwalks, finding it at least uninteresting, and at most ugly.

Feminine forms

Each century makes its own adjustments and, if in the early 2000s, plus-size girls could not even dream of a model future, today the situation has changed a lot.

Lush forms and very feminine hips are more and more often inspiring young, and sometimes experienced, eminent fashion designers. The annoying “hangers” are increasingly being replaced by juicy and mouthwatering plus-sized beauties who are ready to prove that they are no worse than, and in some ways, better, their skinny colleagues.

At the moment, there are large model agencies,cooperates with a large number of plus-size models and, I would like to note, these girls are in great demand and have already gained considerable popularity in their circles. Today we will talk about the most famous among them.

1. Whitney Thompson.

To a large extent, this blonde beauty is known for winning first place in the 10th season of the popular show "Top Model in American." She confidently furnished all her slim and “standard” rivals for two accounts, after which she received a contract with the well-known modeling agency Elite Model.

Whitney Thompson

Today, the model continues to actively appear in advertising: it represents the Diana Warner jewelry collection, is the face of many brands of clothing and accessories, represents a dental company, and is actively removed for the covers of popular glossy publications.

The girl spends a lot of time talking to other young persons about a healthy body and diet, and is also a representative of the Nutritional Behavior Disorders.

2. Tokkara Jones.

Another participant of the show “Top Model in American”, which, in spite of its “plus” volumes, remained a model of the week for a long time and was a serious competitor to its rivals.Unfortunately, in the show Tokkara failed to win, but this is not the main thing, because she was able to prove that beauty is not only world standards, which are expressed in blue eyes, light skin and parameters “90-60-90”.

Tokara Jones

After the show, Tokkara was spotted by one of the model agencies that work with plus-size models, after which she began to appear on the covers of popular fashion magazines, participate in fashion shows for the full, and also began to try herself on television as a correspondent and presenter.

3. Kate Dillon.

With a growth of 180 cm, Kate weighs 81 kg, but at the same time she does not cease to be incredibly feminine and attractive. Once she successfully worked as a skinny model, but because of constant diets and the almost absence of any kind of food, the girl became ill and was hospitalized with a serious diagnosis.

Kate dillon

It was a kind of point of no return, after which Kate ended up with diets, began to lead a correct and enjoyable lifestyle for herself, but at the same time, she did not part with the modeling business. Today, she collaborates with most popular fashion magazines, and also advertises brands such as L’Oreal Cosmetics, Gucci, Elena Miro and others.

4. Ashley Graham.

An attractive British woman in her 26 years has already achieved a lot in the modeling business, and this is with her 58 size clothes! Ashley has a lush and appetizing form, thanks to which she has already become the face of the model agency Ford, has concluded numerous contracts with other companies, and also periodically appears on the covers of such popular publications as Glamor, Vogue, Latina and others.

Ashley graham

5. Sophie Dahl.

She is often called a mystery woman, a fairytale woman with a doll face and eyes like two oceans. Sophie is an English fashion model and actress who, at the invitation of Yves Saint Laurent, appeared in the well-known and provocative advertising company for the perfume Opium.

Sophie dahl

Sophie, with her height of 180 cm and a weight of 80 kg, was shot for such glossy publications as Elle, Vogue, Haspers Bazaar and many others, and also became an active participant in the movement against excessively thin models, eventually becoming his face.

Surprisingly, despite this, the girl herself, after a while, rapidly lost 30 kg, but this did not lose anything, but continued her career.

6. Crystal Rennes.

Like many girls in the modeling business, Crystal began her ascent to the 14-year-old skinny girl,but the consequences of heavy diets and restrictions have done their job: a variety of diseases associated with the digestive tract led not only to serious health problems, but also to the loss of the model’s career.

Crystal Rennes

However, Crystal did not give up, over time, gaining weight, she acquired lush and sensual forms, thanks to which she began to promote herself as a plus-size model. And I must say, she did it very well: today she is the highest paid model with full forms. However, today it cannot be called such, since Krystal lost weight again to 42-44 size.

7. Tara Lynn.

Tara became popular only at the age of 28, after being shot for the cover of the French magazine Elle. Today, model 32, it has a very solid size: with an increase of 170 cm parameters are "110-86-120", but it remains one of the most beautiful women in the world, and is also a very popular model in its segment.

Tara lynn

8. Cristina Mendez.

She became famous for being the first Hispanic model who managed to win her vocation and success in the largest model houses.Christina is actively filmed for the most fashionable and popular glossy publications, she participates in advertising clothing companies, and is also a fairly successful TV presenter.

Christina Mendez

9. Barbara Brinker.

It is interesting, but when Barbara was offered to become a plus-size model, she was offended, not considering that she was a lady with non-standard sizes.

Barbara Brinker

But after traveling, high fees and high popularity, she ceased to resent such a title, believing that she had nothing to be ashamed of, but, just the same, have something to boast about. The girl worked with many fashion brands, reaching peaks in this area, Barbara did not stop and decided to develop herself as a singer of country style.

10. Markita Pring.

Markita Pring

Sultry brunette 24-year-old Markita is completely convinced that size does not matter, the main thing is to keep her body in good shape. The girl with a height of 180 cm and the parameters "91-83-114" felt in the fashion shows of modeling agencies, advertised the brand Evans, and later became the advertising face of the famous fashion brand Levi's.

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