Top 10 interesting facts about the Queen of Great Britain

Queen Elizabeth II is a true legend of Britain and the longest-serving head of state in the entire history of the monarchy. The young 26-year-old heiress ascended the throne in 1952 and successfully reigns to this day. Staying in pleasant surprise from the possibilities of this already far middle-aged woman, we gathered for you 10 most interesting facts about her.

Strict and capricious

The members of the royal family, and the queen herself, in particular, are constantly under the scrutiny of the media and millions of ordinary people. But even in such conditions, some facts of the biography of Elizabeth II are for many a real discovery:

1. She does not need a passport and rights. The monarch often travels to different countries and just travels. But the head of Britain is probably the only one who does not need a passport to do this. And all because it simply is not. The document is issued on her behalf, and therefore it does not make sense to do it. But only Her Majesty has this opportunity, the rest of the royal family, like ordinary citizens, must have a passport.

The same story with the rights.It is unlikely that anyone would think to stop the Range Rover (whose driving the Queen, by the way, feels completely free and drives steeper than many men), accompanied by the well-known tuple.

2. She served in the army. Hard and stubborn character began to manifest itself in childhood. And when, during World War II, the 18-year-old Lilibet, (as Elizabeth herself called herself in childhood) decided to join the Women's Territorial Corps, the objections from the parents were not even considered. During her service, the girl learned to use her arms well enough, to drive and repair trucks.

3. Celebrates a birthday twice a year. Nobody forbids any of us to mark this significant day twice or thrice, but the Queen of Great Britain does it quite officially. The first time - directly on his birthday, April 21. This is an exclusively family celebration with the closest people. And the second time - in June. Then the holiday covers the whole country.

This tradition originated from the reign of Edward VII, who was born in November, but wanted to celebrate this date in good weather.

4. I got acquainted with my future husband at the age of 8.Then they played nicely, and later seriously got carried away with each other. Although the parents of Elizabeth were not thrilled by the future son-in-law, who had no inheritance other than the title, the wedding nevertheless took place. And in spite of all the envious was the beginning of an incredible love story that lasts for 70 years.

5. Does not affect the policy of the country. Despite the fact that all decisions are made in the UK on her behalf, Elizabeth II is not the country's full leader. It is, rather, its symbol.

6. Favorite breed of dog - corgi. These pets are full members of the royal family. For all the time of their reign was about 30, and all lived in the palace. Once Elizabeth even dismissed a footman, who dared to give his pet a whiskey to try.

7. Does not express emotions in public. There are various rumors about the queen. But what is known for sure and personally visible is the fact that a woman is always restrained and affable. Even when angry and nervous, she smiles. No one has ever seen her sincere delight. Even the first time he saw the huge and majestic Niagara Falls, the monarch calmly said: "He is very wet."

8. Hats - her fetish. The collection of royal hats is impressive.For all the time of their reign more than half a thousand have gathered, and each of them could be seen on the Queen. If suddenly the monarch refuses to wear a hat, she ties a headscarf over her head and becomes like an ordinary grandmother.

9. Wears old-fashioned shoes. For over 50 years, the same shoe model. Such a pair is worth more than 1000 pounds, because the monarch belongs to the shoes with a special thrift. And rassnashivaet such expensive shoes servants with the same foot size.

10. Not going to leave the throne. Someone says that for Elizabeth II is a matter of life, someone believes that the Queen does not completely trust her heirs in this matter. But even in his 90 “little tails,” the head of Great Britain continues to work.

Elizabeth II - an example of the victory of fortitude and hard work over age. Sometimes it seems that time just stopped, because from year to year this woman looks as fresh and beautiful, and the facts from our top are proof of that. A great example to follow!

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