Top 10 best movies about knights

Unfortunately, there are no real knights for a long time, but still many films refresh them with memories. And some of these paintings will leave anyone indifferent!

Top 10 most interesting films about knights:

  1. "Iron Knight". If you list well-known historical films, then you can not fail to mention this one. Events unfold in the XIII century, that is, in the era of the legendary Knights Templar. 1215 was a watershed for England. Prince John, also known as John Lackland, signed the Magna Carta, which was intended to give all citizens of the state complete freedom of speech and action. But he decided to act differently and violated the terms of the document, hiring Danish mercenaries and deciding to bring everything back to normal with his brute force. A serious obstacle in his path was the Rochester Castle. Knights gathered in it, opposing such a decision of the monarch and deciding to defend their rights to the end. But there are not so many of them, while the whole army is behind John Lackland.But the quantity does not always decide everything. In battle, personal conviction, courage and the will to win are much more important.
  2. "Robin Hood". This film is another story about who Robin Hood, famous for numerous tales and legends, was. And in this interpretation, he is presented as a talented archer serving King Richard the Lionheart. The enemies of the army are the French, but long bloody battles do not bring results. And in one of the battles, the king dies, and Robin decides to return to his homeland. But on the way home he meets a squad of knights led by a brave warrior, carrying the crown of his king. The archer has to participate in one more fight, and this attack can be repelled. The leader of the squadron dies, but before he dies, he asks Robin to deliver the crown and take the sword to the parental home. Good agrees, but he could not imagine that such a decision would be the beginning of an adventure full of difficulties and unexpected turns.
  3. "The Lion in the Winter". If you call all the best movies about knights, it is impossible to lose sight of this one. Events unfold in 1183. In the midst of the Christmas holidays, and the King of England Henry II should name the name of his rightful heir - the future ruler.And this event comes not only the wife of King Eleanor of Aquitaine, who for the conspiracy against the monarch was imprisoned for 10 years, but also his mercantile mistress Princess Alhe, as well as her brother, ruling England. And, of course, here gathered three sons of Heinrich: John, Jeffrey and Richard the Lionheart. All members of the royal family have a fierce hatred for each other. And they are all united by one desire - the thirst for power. But the throne in the end should get only one - the bravest and worthy.
  4. "The First Knight". At the heart of this film, which certainly worth seeing all fans of the genre, are stories about the legendary King Arthur, as well as the faithful and brave knight Lancelot. The latter arrived at Camelot Castle to receive the honorary title of Knight of the Round Table and begin to serve the ruler. But one day Lancelot rescues the beautiful Guinevere, on the small kingdom of which the black knight Malagant attacked. As it usually happens, the hero falls in love with the lady, and the end of this story should have been happy, if not for one “but”: Guinevere is the beloved of King Arthur. And now Lancelot has to do a very difficult and, perhaps,the most important choice in your life: to forget about your love and continue to carry out faithful service to your king, or to give free rein to your so suddenly flared feelings for Guinevere and betray the ruler. What will tell the knight his brave heart?
  5. "Kingdom of heaven". The main events of this picture unfold during the time of the Crusades. The protagonist is a young gunsmith Belian. His little son is dying, and his wife, who did not cope with the shock, decides to commit suicide. One day, Belian meets Baron Gottfried, and he reports that the gunsmith is his own son. In addition, the new father offers the hero to join his squad and go on a crusade. Belian has nothing to lose, and he agrees. But on the way, Gottfried gets a mortal wound. Before his death, he manages to knight his son and give the last instruction. Now the knight Belian is to arrive in Jerusalem and serve his new ruler King Baldwin and his charming sister Sibyl. The hero plans to settle in Palestine, but the war does not wait. He has to fight with dangerous enemies - the Saracens.
  6. "Braveheart". This film is a story of William Wallace, who at one time was a true national hero. And the action begins in Scotland in 1280.The main character lost his father very early, and he died at the hands of the British. Little William decides to take his uncle Orgyl to give his nephew a good education and let him forget about the terrible events that happened in his childhood. Wallace grows up and already an adult educated guy comes to his homeland to start a peaceful life, find the second half and start a family. But all the plans of the hero again violated the British: they killed his beloved bride. And then William decides, by all means, to avenge his beloved and his father, as well as to achieve freedom and justice, which the soldiers of the English army took from everyone.
  7. "The Last Knights". This film is also included in the list, although it is not quite normal. Events unfold in a non-existent Universe at times roughly corresponding to the real Middle Ages. When the Great Wars finally came to an end, the Empire began to exist - a utopian state in which representatives of different religions and races could get along. The empire is ruled by Mr. Bartok, and he is faithfully served by a kind of knight of the time, Raiden. The share of the ruler is not easy, because there are so many ill-wishers around, and peaceful people need protection.Suddenly, the enemies kill Bartók, but he manages to give his faithful knight Raiden one last farewell. Now he becomes the sole heir to the throne, and with his subjects must protect the lands.
  8. "King Arthur". The Middle Ages are a dangerous time in which thousands or even millions of knights gave their lives for kings. The legendary King Arthur and his faithful friends then served in the Roman Empire and provided protection for the Romans from the raids of British soldiers. Fifteen years have passed, and very soon the service must come to an end, but the last task is given to the gallant knights: to send an influential Roman family on the other side of Adrian Val. And this mission is very difficult, because in those distant lands live barbarians who are famous for their cruelty and sharp swords. You have to do the impossible, but Arthur is ready for it, even if he has to face unexpected difficulties.
  9. "The history of the knight"- This is a real adventure of an ordinary servant, who decided to change not only his fate, but also the fate of many people. The protagonist William serves the lord, but in his heart he is a real rebel who supposedly was created in order to break the rules and go against the system and the wrong, inhuman laws.When his master dies, he decides to take a desperate step: steals the dead's armor, changes his lineage, and from a simple servant turns into a young and powerful knight Ulrich Von Lichtenstein. But he still has to prove his origin, and do it with the sword and shield in numerous battles. But opposition to rivals is easy for a guy; he becomes a real warrior. But will the bravest and courageous knight stand before the charms of love that can knock anyone out of their rut and make them turn into a slave?
  10. "Thirteenth Warrior". The poet, romantic and aristocrat Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan fell in love, and for such a mistake he was sent from the civilized and developed East to the backward, barbarous and dangerous North, in which the lands are ruled by brave and wild Vikings. They are preparing for an important campaign to defeat the Eaters of Corpses, who have already destroyed more than one village and left behind a mountain of bones. But such a strong enemy, according to an old legend, can be overcome only by thirteen warriors, and one of them must be a foreigner. And by the will of fate, the former poet, instead of the pen, should take up arms and fight for life and death.The battle will be terrible.
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