Top 10 Best Cities for Cool Shopping

What, better than the rest, uplifting, increases vitality and makes you forget about all the problems? Of course, a productive and exciting shopping! Who, if not women, knows that sometimes buying a new, even the most insignificant thing, can please and inspire a hundred times more than any other entertainment.

And what to say, if you go shopping in the most famous and best shopping centers, bazaars and boutiques of the world? Multicolored lights, thousands of unique shops and shops, music, people, colorful windows and the latest fashion innovations - a real paradise for the active sharper!

If you feel that you are not able to overcome the love of branded packages, famous brands and the sea of ​​colorful hangers, then perhaps you should think about traveling to one of the following cities in the world.

  • New York, USA

Opens our top 10 best cities for shopping abroad, of course, chic and comprehensive New York.If you do not have huge funds that are not a pity to spend on shopping, then even a walk between the multi-colored windows, which themselves have become a landmark, will give you great pleasure.

There are a lot of shops

Lovers of exclusive and expensive things just have to go to the famous Fifth Avenue with its elite legendary store Saks Fifth Avenue.

Perhaps this is the most famous store in America, which provides a wide range of products, starting with clothes and shoes, ending with home decor items, and all the presented goods are exclusively of the luxury class.

Do not forget to walk around Manhattan, take a look at Madison Avenue, well, and if you are in search of fashionable and democratic clothing, then you have a direct route to the youth East Side.

  • Tokyo, Japan

In the department stores of this city you can buy absolutely everything: from small accessories, clothing and equipment, to freshly caught fish, macaroons and mind-blowing donuts. What is worth well-known department store Wako, which was founded back in 1881 by the famous author of the Japanese watch brand.

Famous quarter

By the way, the first floor of the department store is still occupied by a very impressive Seiko watch store, which is the pride of Wako. Not to mention Ginza’s favorite shopping district with its most famous shopping center Mitsukoshi, where even the most demanding visitors can satisfy their tastes and desires.

  • London, England

Most of the authoritative publications agreed that it was London that became the main trading capital of Europe, because here the number of shops and boutiques with local and international brands is increasing at a crazy speed.

Behind the modesty of the design, which is inherent in English showcases, are hiding ultramodern design solutions with regards to the goods being sold. Be sure to visit the trading empire of Harrods, which includes 330 diverse departments and points where you can find everything from food to banking services.


The prices here, of course, are not low, but you can come to Harrods not only for the sake of active shopping, but also for aesthetic pleasure - which only the inimitable design of the Egyptian hall costs!

  • Bangkok, Thailand

If you ever get to the capital of Thailand,then be sure to go to the famous and largest market of the country - Chatuchak. This is a real paradise for an experienced shooter, spread out on 14 hectares of land!


Here you can find everything that befits a true Asian market: world-class silks, antiques, works of art and souvenirs, handicrafts and high-quality jewelry, jewels, and much more that millions of shopping lovers could dream of.

  • Paris, France

What is shopping without the capital of world fashion? Naturally, no! Be sure to go to the famous Boulevard Osman, where the leader of all the malls of the city - Galeries Lafayette.

Galeries lafayette

It is not only one of the largest and most fashionable shopping complexes in the city, it is also an amazing piece of architecture, which is protected by the state, like a real historical monument. Once it was one of the small Parisian department stores, but, over time, it grew to enormous size and now it is the most important place for all Parisian fashionistas and fashionistas.

  • Los Angeles, USA

The famous Rodeo Drive Street, which was literally immortalized in the famous movie “Pretty Woman” with Julia Roberts, is located in the City of Angels.Here you will find the most luxurious and elite boutiques in the world, because their names are Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and so on.

Rodeo Drive Street

The prices here are appropriate, but did it once stop the real shoppers? Hollywood stars are doing their shopping here, would you really like to face Brad Pete on the way out or wave Angelina Jolie with a pen?

  • Copenhagen, Denmark

Go to the largest pedestrian shopping street of the city, because it is here that the vast majority of shops are located, ranging from small souvenir shops, ending with expensive boutiques of premium class.


Here you can enjoy the atmosphere of shopping, on the street you can meet a lot of interesting people, street performers, magicians and, of course, tourists from all over the world who are fully immersed in the shopping process.

  • Amsterdam, Holland

The capital of Holland is hardly chosen exclusively for shopping, however, this industry here is 100% developed. The most popular place for shopping was the central department store Bijenkorf, which is located on Dam Square.

Department store Bijenkorf

Nearby you can look at another, more affordable Magna Plaza mall.For the most inexpensive, but, nevertheless, an exciting shopping, it is better to go to Kalverstraat, which is also located in the center of Amsterdam.

  • Milan, Italy

One of the most desirable cities to visit among real shopaholics. And it's no accident, because in the second capital of fashion, you can find absolutely everything, plus all, impressive exclusive and unique designer boutiques that are located in the gold quarter "Il Quadrilatero d'Oro".

10 Corso Como

The main shopping center of all Milan fashionistas is the legendary 10 Corso Como.

  • Singapore City State

How in this ranking can not mention one of the most developed and dynamic cities in the world? After all, only here is located the famous shopping bay with a length of 2 km, which later became one of the most famous sights of the country.


Here you can satisfy your every whim, take a look at the showcases of Coach and Prada, and maybe buy and buy unique souvenirs, works of art and, of course, good technique.

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