Tonus of the uterus during pregnancy - causes and effects

Tonus of the uterus during pregnancy - causes and effectsEvery woman dreams of becoming a mother one day and scrolls events from the future in her head. When the long-awaited moment comes and the test shows two bars, the whole chain of events begins. Analyzes, examinations, visits to doctors - it is not often possible to meet moms who did not face these procedures.
It is extremely important during this joyful period to comply with all regulations and follow the instructions of specialists. The slightest wrong action can affect the health of the baby and the parent. In this article we will find out what is the tone of the uterus during pregnancy.

Uterus tonus

It is always necessary to maintain health and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but it is especially important to take care of yourself even during pregnancy planning. However, even an ideal lifestyle, a balanced diet and a rationally planned daily routine are not always saved from such a diagnosis as increased uterine tone.
It is worth noting that all muscles are subject to periodic contraction. The female womb is not an exception, since it is also a muscle. Many stars of modern medicine consider such a state to be a normal physiological process. Of course, if he does not have other symptoms that indicate any violations.
If the whole pregnancy, the uterus tone is increased, and this is accompanied by a feeling of discomfort in the lower abdomen and secretions, you need to sound the alarm. This condition is fraught with the most unpleasant consequences, including miscarriage and premature birth.Tonus of the uterus during pregnancy - causes and effects

What to do to those who had uterus tone during pregnancy.

The health of a pregnant woman is especially affected by her moral state. Any stress and negative emotions can provoke the development of hypertonia. Precisely determine the cause of its occurrence is not easy, we will consider some of them:

  • often in the early stages of the lack of the hormone progesterone. Therefore it is very important to monitor the hormonal background, bearing a child;
  • deferred toxicosis can also give results. It is often accompanied by vomiting, which leads to muscle contraction;
  • Rh-conflict between mother and child;
  • inflammatory processes and diseases of the uterus;
  • excessive stretching caused by too large fruit or polyhydramnios.

Tonus of the uterus during pregnancy - causes and effects
Excellent prophylactic exercises help to cure the treatment:

  • stand on all fours, bend your back like a kitty, and gently shake your hips 10 to 15 times. Run 2 - 3 sets, then lie down in a relaxed state;
  • head down, trying to relax the face and neck for about five minutes. You need to breathe with your mouth. It has long been observed that relaxed facial muscles relieve tension in the uterus.
  • If a woman’s condition is feared, doctors will insist on hospitalization. From this you should not refuse. Under the constant supervision of doctors to be much safer than at home, listening to the advice and instructions of the household, neighbors and girlfriends. A woman in labor must understand that, by refusing, she puts at risk not only her life, but also the life of the child. Controlled by experienced specialists and timely intervention saved many lives.Tonus of the uterus during pregnancy - causes and effects

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