To make the tree longer

To make the tree longerSpruce is the best decoration of a room, office, premises. Christmas tree attracts everyone's attention. At whatever age we may be, we all want to put a Christmas tree and enjoy it during the long winter evenings.

In this unique time it seems that the Christmas tree gives miracles. This is a kind of special psychotherapy for each of us. We love winter and the Christmas tree for its unique look, glass multi-colored decorations and the positive energy that it distributes into space.

We all want the fir-tree to stand longer and make us happy. Many do not throw away the Christmas tree until February, and some manage to enjoy its view until Valentine's Day.

How to make the tree stand for a long time? There are a sufficient number of ways, let's consider them.

Step # 1. Buy only fresh spruce

There is a certain complexity here, because where is the guarantee that the seller did not deceive and did not sell the stale goods? By the appearance of spruce it is sometimes quite difficult to determine its true age, calculated in days.If you trust the seller, then purchase only freshly cut spruce.To make the tree longer


Step number 2. Put the tree on the balcony

The tree should be stored on the balcony for some time. For what? This is necessary in order to adapt from the cold. Let him stand at least a day.

Step number 3. Water spruce water

Spruce from the balcony should be brought into the bath, washed thoroughly under the shower, wash off all the harmful substances and dirt. Then leave to stand in the bath so that it becomes dry.

Step number 4. Install dry spruce in a bowl or stand for wood

In the capacity to pour water. If the tree trunk is not included in the tank, then it should be sharpened with an ax and sawed deep into. It is worth doing so that the tree subsequently absorbs moisture and all the beneficial substances that will be contained in the solution in which it will stand.

To make the tree longer

Step number 5. Water and aspirin

Many wonder what to do to make the Christmas tree stand for a long time. And do not put it in a liquid with water. Aspirin is usually added to the water. In this case, the tree will stand much longer.

Step # 6 Sand Solution

Another tree can be put in a bucket of sand. To do this, take pure sand, add it to the water, put sugar and a few aspirin tablets into it. After some time, water is poured into the sand to update the solution.In this case, the question of how to make the tree stand longer will not arise.

Step number 7. Put the tree away from the battery and heaters

The room should be cool. Moreover, it needs to be aired all the time. In the cold, the spruce will stand for a long time.

To make the tree longer

Step number 8. Dissolve chalk and citric acid in water

Chalk and citric acid dissolve in water. This solution is used in order for the Christmas tree to stand in it for a long time.

To summarize, what to add to the water so that the tree stood for a long time?

  1. Aspirin.
  2. Sugar.
  3. A piece of chalk.
  4. Salt.
  5. Sand.
  6. Citric acid.

This is necessary in order for the tree to receive a vitamin bonus for a long time and not to dry.

Our festive tree will please us for a long time, which means that the holiday will continue along with it. This is what parents and children want.

The best thing you can do for a Christmas tree is to decorate it with garlands and toys, throw a rain on it, put gifts under it and rejoice that it is capable of giving positive, energy and a good mood.

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